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Autonomous Robot Driving Competition
Hi. Excellent work on RR. I am preparing a new robot for the Portuguese Anual competition next week (yes, I'm a l...
11 years 4 1609
Autonymous Navigation
You guys are SO close to Autonymous Navigation in a changing situation.  I know that this is a hard thing to do. But,...
7 years 1 828
I'm not able to change the parameters of Auto_Threshold by API in VB.NET, someone could help me? T...
11 years 5 1210
Hello all, I am participating in an underwater Robotics in competition. I am using roborealm for the entire contr...
4 years 11 1765
I am having a problem using the load avi or save avi modules. I get an error on read that says "Pl...
7 years 2 1621
hi there its cj i just wanted to ask i am trying to use avm with my nxt and i currently have got my robots head on a tunable bas...
8 years 6 1434
HI there its me CJ i was wondering i want to buy the AVM plugin but i have question can the AVM plu...
8 years 3 1776
Hi, Is it possible to just show the object name only rather than both the object name and highlight box..also can...
7 years 8 1751
HI there i need some help with the AVM navigator and my nxt i have built a robot wi...
8 years 5 1492
Hi, Can I get some detail literature on Associative video memory technology which is based on multi...
7 years 5 2434
Hi there its CJ i am still trying to get my nxt to use navigate mode with AVM but the moment i give...
8 years 3 4202
AVM and a joystick for training
In the AVM module, is there any way to train the robot moving a joystick instead of the arrow keys?
5 years 2 1311
AVM Angle and VB-Script
Hello EDV, the follow code dosnīt work with VB-Script... AVM_angle = G...
7 years 3 1234
AVM Enquiring
hi, am curently doing a project on car sticker recognition system. The system is expected to identify and recognize a particular...
7 years 3 1034
AVM improvements
Hello, I had the following ideas to improve the AVM Navigator: -> NV_TURRET_RIGHT NV_TURRET_LEFT...
7 years 10 3090
AVM Map dont work
Hello, I've tried just the avm navigator. I realized that the rotary movement is detected correct...
8 years 38 5849
AVM Marker Mode not creating map
Avm Marker mode is not creating map. It only works after computer restart. What could be wrong?...
7 years 2 1999
AVM Modul
Help Need Yesterday I payed for AVM Module and I still have not got download link. Did anyone knows, how long I m...
6 years 2 1624
AVM module failure
The video image in the AVM module is not display, but in roborealm yes, apparently, the module is working, it displays messages ...
6 years 4 1706
AVM Navigator
Hi, I am using the AVM_Navigator plugin for human eye tracking in my academic project. Upon eye obj...
8 years 5 2618

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