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Hi there its CJ

i am still trying to get my nxt to use navigate mode with AVM but the moment i give my motors the NV_Right or left the go staright to 0 which is not great i have positiond it so that if it works the motors shouldnt do anything what can i do the moment the variable is on the motor the go to 0 all the time

hope you can help i will put the robo file here to im not sure if i am missing anything by the way it has to use motor b and c
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
First you should redownload and reinstall RoboRealm for getting of new AVM Navigator v0.7.

Further you should just adjust variables NV_L_MOTOR and NV_R_MOTOR to the range of NXT parameters (motors range from 0 to 255 with 128 being neutral) by VBScript:

nv_L_Motor = GetVariable("NV_L_MOTOR")
nv_R_Motor = GetVariable("NV_R_MOTOR")

nxt_L_Motor = round(128 + (nv_L_Motor/100.0)*127)
nxt_R_Motor = round(128 + (nv_R_Motor/100.0)*127)

SetVariable "NXT_L_MOTOR", nxt_L_Motor
SetVariable "NXT_R_MOTOR", nxt_R_Motor

See attached program below.
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
I also added special control variables (range from 0 to 255 with 128 being neutral) that you can use immediately with Lego NXT:

-== Additional control variables for Lego NXT ==-
NV_L_MOTOR_128, NV_R_MOTOR_128 - motors control
NV_TURRET_128 - control of camera turning
NV_TURRET_INV_128 - inversed control of camera turning

Now you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.1 from your account link.

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