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hi, before, sorry for my english, i have a problem, i dont understanding how to read a x and y from roborealm with arduino on us...
8 years 3 1380
hi prf. Mason, i don't understanding how to send a value from roborealm to arduino (usb). When i try to read a value from a rob...
8 years 2 1372
arduino  ethernet shield
hi steven , i wanna to know how can i use roborealm with arduino ethernet shield to control robot through wifi connection ....
5 years 2 890
Arduino 2560
Im working on a project to track an object, i can get the software to track an object but it will not relate the movements to th...
6 years 5 1532
arduino and webserver and maybe sparkfun wifly
Does anyone have anything using the Roborealm web server and the arduino mega and maybe the sparkfun wifly.  Don't ha...
5 years 3 1383
Arduino Controling Roborealm via serial. (not the other way around)
Hello. I would like to know if there´s a way of switching between different roborealm behaviours v...
3 years 3 1287
Arduino Mega
I was wondering if there was any plans to support the Arduino Mega?  I know I could communicate with the Mega using th...
6 years 3 1776
Arduino Mega + two Futaba Servos + RoboRealm = Pan/tilt object following.
Steven, I was wondering if you had some updated Robo VBscript file that would work well with the Me...
5 years 9 2613
Arduino Mega 2560 - Sparkfun
Hello, I've been following the tutorial for automatic gun turret. It have 2 servos for pan and tilt...
2 years 3 745
Arduino Mega Module
Hi I am working on obstacle avoidance using Arduino. The problems is as soon as i add arduino Mega module to my pr...
6 years 2 1186
Arduino Mega New Software version 1.0.1
Just found out that the Arduino Mega module for RoboRealm is not working with new version of Arduino 1.0.1.
5 years 2 1309
Arduino Mega+RoboRealm
Hi all, First, thanks to the guys at RoboRealm for this amazing piece of software. I am a new user...
5 years 5 2189
Arduino Mega-Roborealm Serial Timing Question
I am currently working on a telepresence robot using Roborealm.   From a remote computer, I am able to login to the ro...
2 years 2 567
Arduino Module Combined with User Code
Steven- The Arduino module works great for my project.  I just have one problem with it.&...
5 years 2 1007
Arduino module?
Downloaded 2.24.0. Where is the Arduino module and what does it do? Thanks for such a great product and support! <...
6 years 8 3024
Arduino Motor Control
Hi, I am working on object tracking, similar to the tutorial Color tracking! But the code written there is for non arduino board...
2 years 12 1469
Arduino PWM
I am trying to set the PWM dutycycle on the Arduino UNO using the Sparkfun_Arduino module in RoboRealm. I need to set if between...
6 years 2 1445
Arduino Uno R3 - Sparkfun
Hello, I am starting experimenting with Arduino Uno R3 and the Sparkfun Arduino interface.
2 years 3 832
Are camera properties set each frame?
Does the camera properties module transmit the sttings to the camera each frame or does it monitor the last settings and only up...
8 years 2 1448
Area of Multiple Blobs
Hi there, Thanks for the great program you have created! I really appreciate the effort put into it. I would like ...
2 years 6 779

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