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11 years
HI there its me CJ

i was wondering i want to buy the AVM plugin but i have question can the AVM plugin also work with a lego nxt robot so can it take control of the NXT is my question i know you asked me to put a photo with my next question but i cant really add one for this anyway thanks in advance
Anonymous 11 years

Yes, the AVM module can work with a Lego NXT ... in fact it can work with any of the robots that RR has a module for assuming you can provide the module with an image. I.e. you have to figure out how to get an image from the NXT back to the PC. In our tutorial we are using a NTSC broadcast to a receiver and digitizer. Once the image is in RR you can then pass that into the AVM module and send the results to the Lego NXT module to move the robot.

So basically, the AVM can be used for anything that can get an image into RR and then control signals back out.


CJ Wisse from Australia  [6 posts] 11 years
thanks for answering so quick
yeah i got a wireless camera on mine aand i am going to buy the AVM navigator right now i also just wanted to say thank you for making such a cool program for everyone in the robot industry wether its commercial or hobby like me so thanks again

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