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Anyone Else Using Logitech Orbit MP With RoboRealm?
I was wondering if anyone else has been tinkering around with RoboRealm and the Logitech Orbit MP? Any one who is intere...
9 years 2 1206
Anyone using Roomba & the Kinect????
IS anyone using Roomba and the kinect, maybe specifically the 4XXX. ? Just curious....
6 years 3 1446
Anyway of incorporating Roborealm in a system so no PC is needed?
I'm looking for a portable solution so I can use Roborealm modules directly without using a computer. Is that possible?
1 year 2 301
Perhaps I just can't find it....... In a complex image, I just want to work on a ce...
4 years 2 874
API - vb6 communication loss
Very often is seems to me that the API fail to perform the commands sent by my VB6 program. Is it possible that a rr command is...
7 years 5 1184
API ... using it to get Center of Gravity_X value
Hi --      I'm trying to get the COG_X value, which I think should be an integer.  ...
5 years 2 855
API > C++
Hello.. I want to know how to connect Roborealm with API>C++? I want to create the system when it detect specified pattern it...
8 years 2 1100
API C++ error reading COG_X, COG_Y
Hi, I'm having issues reliably reading COG_X and COG_Y strings through API (C++). I found this by ...
4 years 3 777
API calls to Roborealm
I have Visual Basic 6, and am looking for some help making API calls to roborealm. I know there is the API server in roborelm, w...
8 years 3 1248
API Crash (Python)
Hello, Iím trying to use the Python API.  Iím trying to get the test progr...
8 years 9 1987
API data transfer
Is there a limit to the string size that the C API can send to roborealm? There appears to be some...
9 years 2 1217
API Documentation
Hello, Trying to interface witht he RR API. The C# example provide works fantastic, however...
10 years 9 1585
API end pipe
hi! i use RR API in my C++ program. i need to know when an image processing pipe is finished but i can not find an...
8 years 6 1654
API error message
I've downloaded a new RR version and ran the API example, but I get an error message. The image is attached below.
8 years 4 1048
API Execute Problem
The uploaded robo file when loaded directly into RR work fine. When the same file is read into my C++ program and transferred to...
4 years 9 1275
API getImage function
What format does the image come in when using the getImage function in the roborealm api?? In c++ how can this be changed so tha...
9 years 9 1514
API Image display in VB.Net
Hello, I am trying to connect a VB.net applicataion to RR through API. I can get the variables pass...
9 years 7 4787
API in C++
I seem to have some issues with accessing the RR API server with c++. I don't understand why the main.cpp doesn't comp...
10 years 5 1946
API in Lisp
Steven,     I am of course working on the Leaf Robot. To make the LISP.API acti...
6 years 3 1015
API in Visual Studio 2010
I am attempting to run the sample VS code "test.vb" in visual studio pro 2010  I am able to get responsed displayed ...
3 years 3 795

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