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Area of region
I'm try to use RR to calculate the area of two round, but not exactly circular, regions in an image. By using edge dection (as ...
4 years 5 1305
Areas of Research - Machine Vision Security
Hello, I'm not sure if this is the forum, or even the right website for this post, but I have been using RR for various robotic...
10 years 9 1598
Array Declaration Error
I am getting a Type Mismatch error when declaring an array in VBScropt as follows Dim myArray(29) <...
5 years 2 1177
Array Help
In the VBScript section I retrieved the array that was created by the circles filter, but i am stuck on how to find out...
11 years 19 2596
Array values
Short Question: I Have 2 Line probe. How do I get the values (Array) i...
7 years 2 1815
Hi, Roborealm automatically stores the x an y coordinate of each of the points on the path...
10 years 8 1681
Array Variables
I have a question about assigning values TO an element of an array variable. I have followed the RR...
2 years 1 565
Arrow position
Hello all, I'm trying to use rr to detect the arrows position on the target like in the image attached.
10 years 1 1570
How do I send out the follwing commond from Roborealm serail control Chr$(255),Chr$(6),Chr$(120)
11 years 3 3109
assign xyz axis
Hi, Can Roborealm assign new reference axis. For example, I have 2 objects. Object1 axis is 0,0,0...
6 years 12 4303
Associating .robo files with roborealm
Hi STeven, Just a quick mail to say that it seems to be a problem that when I try and click...
11 years 2 1575
associating variables and functionalities of roborealm with matlab
Hello Stevens, This is Avinash here. I am at present developing my robotics project on color vision. I found it he...
9 years 2 947
ASUS Xtion
FYI - Some more hardware for RoboRealm to support. Asus is soon coming out with a Kinect like device with a C++, C# development...
7 years 2 2550
Atan2 problem
Hello, I thought i know how atan2 works, but i am very surrprised. Results that i get are strange....
10 years 3 2410
ATMEGA 16 serial communication problem
Hello, I have to program Atmega16 for serial communication. I have used clock of 16Mhz and CodeVision AVR version...
7 years 5 11011
au3 extention
hello rr, i was wondering if you could add a module be able to write autoit code like the vbscript...
8 years 3 1241
Hi. I have a problem with the audio. For example, when I include a format. Wav or beep in a state i...
5 years 4 1567
Audio streaming
Can anyone suggest a program to stream audio from a mic to HTTP so I can 'listen in' to the web interface when the robot is ou...
7 years 1 1042
Augmented Reality
Hello I am Brenden and I am an incoming junior at Upland High School and I am currently working on my Science Fair project for t...
5 years 1 1023
auto avi recording
pleas help me connecting the button pause from the button interface to the pause fungtion in the write_avi module...
5 years 2 1322

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