Barcode orientation
Pete from United States  [56 posts]
9 year
Hi STeven,

Every thing is working real well for decoding the 2d matrix codes.  I'm about ready to deploy but I thought I would give my manager a demo on how the system worked.  He asked a question if it was important how the parts were oriented in the tray as they are decoded.  I indicated yes and the question arose about confirming there orientation.

In the barcode module there is a selection to check all orientations, but seems to only apply to 1d codes.  Instead of developing processing to determine proper orientation I was wondering if in the decoding process you already knew the orientation, if so is there a variable you could expose as what orientation was detected?  I realize the code could be at a 45 deg angle but would just need to know if it was left, right, top or bottom.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

Yes, the orientation is known as part of the decoding process. We've exposed that in a DATAMATRIX_ORIENTATION variable that you can access. Note, this is in degrees with 0 being horizontal right (geometric zero).

Watch out for the 0 to 360 flip when the code is slightly rotated around zero degrees.

Pete from United States  [56 posts] 9 year
Hi STeven,

Thanks for the update, works great and has been implemented in the vision decode program.


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