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Serial receive - order
Hi Is there a simple way to set the receive order of variables?
8 years 3 2114
serial problem
I'm still battling with getting things sent reliably using the serial module. I hav...
9 years 2 1404
Bio reader
Has anyone done any work with Bio/Fingerprint readers? I'm wanting to use one of th...
9 years 1 1282
finding screws [2]
It looks like the best approach is to use 'Object recognition' and not Shape match, nor Image match.
9 years 3 1242
finding screws
Can anyone explain how to best go about using image match? In the attached image, I ...
9 years 3 1242
Printing [3]
Hi Steven Good to see you're online. Any news on my crashed program? I'm really st...
9 years 3 1254
I've searched, and find no reference to printing. I want to print the results of my tests. What would my options...
9 years 3 1254
Serial method
My machine is running, but the robot halts quite often. It's relay-handshaking to my modules that serially connect to RR. I'm ...
9 years 1 1256
Cursor hide [3]
It only moves to the periphery, which is good enough, thanks. I tried to cut n paste a number of '...
9 years 3 1942
Cursor hide
Is there a method to hide the mouse cursor? I will be using physical buttons for all functions, and in kiosk mode...
9 years 3 1942
Is there a simple way to integrate the result of a test? When I move my camera to a ...
9 years 4 2080
Displaying variables [3]
Yippee, it works ! I can see the variables, and the save with disabled items re-opens ok.
9 years 3 1911
Full screen toggle
I see there is an option to startup in full screen, but can the function be toggled or controlled from a VB scrip...
9 years 2 1313
looking for screws
Is there a better way to do this? While the screw is patently obvious to the eye, I don't know if ...
9 years 2 1926
Perhaps I just can't find it....... In a complex image, I just want to work on a ce...
9 years 2 1836
reloading file
How does one get RR to re-load itself,  as in a watchdog timer? Also, if I...
9 years 2 1265
opening error [5]
Hi Steven I just got to work, and opened up RoboRealm. This is a seat I got yesterday.
9 years 12 1501
opening error [3]
Ok, I'm attaching the 'error' file. I has just installed the latest version of RR. And don't wo...
9 years 12 1501
opening error
Hi I was just wondering if this is normal; If I'm working with a scri...
9 years 12 1501
opening error [11]
Hi Steven I'm still having the issue of saving a file with some functions disabled,...
9 years 12 1501

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