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camera [3]
Thanks. Then I'll probably get colour and mono to test with. I have to...
8 months 3 219
Hi STeven I'm looking at getting this camera to experiment with; ...
8 months 3 219
receiving characters
Can the serial in buffer get purged when read? In a Pic, for example, the receive bu...
4 years 1 505
versions [3]
Thanks STeven Works a treat. Roland ...
2 years 3 529
Hi STeven Is it possible to have two new system variables? I display t...
2 years 3 529
reloading file
How does one get RR to re-load itself,  as in a watchdog timer? Also, if I...
4 years 2 530
I see that there are two, as in; Write_Variables Write_Variables
4 years 2 541
Serial method
My machine is running, but the robot halts quite often. It's relay-handshaking to my modules that serially connect to RR. I'm ...
4 years 1 558
Printing [3]
Hi Steven Good to see you're online. Any news on my crashed program? I'm really st...
4 years 3 559
I've searched, and find no reference to printing. I want to print the results of my tests. What would my options...
4 years 3 559
Write images
Hi STeven Is there a simple way to initialise the saved image number in 'write images'?
2 years 2 559
saving versus opening
Just curious; When opening a file, one is presented with the directory list, as usual.
4 years 2 560
Bio reader
Has anyone done any work with Bio/Fingerprint readers? I'm wanting to use one of th...
4 years 1 562
How does the commenting work? In the attached picture, I'm wanting to edit the comment in the high...
4 years 2 576
finding screws
Can anyone explain how to best go about using image match? In the attached image, I ...
4 years 3 578
finding screws [2]
It looks like the best approach is to use 'Object recognition' and not Shape match, nor Image match.
4 years 3 578
circle position
I don't see what I'm doing wrong here. Perhaps the list format is wrong, but why w...
3 years 2 580
Gige Cameras
Hi Is there any procedure to use a Gige camera? I want to test an Allied Vision Prosilica camera. I...
4 years 2 601
Does RR support USB3 cameras? I see that USB3 and GigE cameras share a GenICam interface, so I supp...
4 years 2 631
Object recognition - batabase
Hi STeven I'm using 'Object recognition', and 'shape',  to examine sc...
3 years 2 634

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