Roland from South Africa  [107 posts]
10 year

I've searched, and find no reference to printing. I want to print the results of my tests. What would my options be?
- make up my own strings and send them out to a serial printer?
- save a text file and somehow get another editor/Excel to automatically print it out?

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 10 year
Yup, either of those would probably work.

As you discovered there is no printing capability at all within RoboRealm. This would be the first time ever that we had such a request ... so we're unlikely to add anything of this nature unless we find it to be a need for a couple people.

For those of you reading this that also want printing possibilities, please add to this post. The other question would be what kind of printing capability you are interested in. Just text? Images too?

If we look at the larger concept, I assume you are wanting to print out results for some form of printed report. A better request may be to have an export of variables to some sort of database that reports can be generated from. That would allow a report writer to create something a lot more attractive than just printed numbers from RoboRealm. Would that be a viable solution for you?

Roland from South Africa  [107 posts] 10 year

Hi Steven

Good to see you're online. Any news on my crashed program? I'm really stuck.

On the printing, I don't need a driver after all.
Once the testing is complete, a sticker will be printed and applied to the part.

It's a TLP2844 sticker printer, and after some trials, I see I just need to send it formatted strings to print.


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