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Hi STeven On my one machine, I can download the latest RR, but when I double click o...
7 years 5 1251
Origin and edges
Hi STeven I've been working with the origin module quite a bit, and using those co-o...
7 years 2 1688
camera choice
Has anyone used this camera with RR? I see it has auto-focus, which might be a probl...
7 years 2 1149
Time with no camera [5]
Thanks STeven I just tried it out, but don't see the correlation to the actual clock...
7 years 8 1458
Time with no camera [3]
Hi STeven That would be perfect. I only need seconds resolution.
7 years 8 1458
Time with no camera
I am using RR without a camera, but in this case the IMAGE_DATETIME does not update.
7 years 8 1458
Time with no camera [7]
Hi STeven Yes, I have set the minimum FPS, but I did not know about the blank input variable. Reall...
7 years 8 1458
Buttons [3]
Hi STeven Yes, it does all sound useful. The other day I wanted to knock up a simple alarm interfac...
7 years 3 1584
Hi STeven I have been mulling on sending this for months now, because you I don't want to make extr...
7 years 3 1584
OPC server [4]
Hi STeven I have not been able to explore the system in depth yet. It's mostly in use and I can't...
7 years 4 1039
OPC server
Can RR communicate through an OPC bridge ? A customer has a vision system using Ni Vision builder. ...
7 years 4 1039
circle position
I don't see what I'm doing wrong here. Perhaps the list format is wrong, but why w...
7 years 2 982
Object recognition - batabase
Hi STeven I'm using 'Object recognition', and 'shape',  to examine sc...
7 years 2 1083
null characters
How does one send null characters, ie 0x00 through the serial port in a string? As s...
7 years 2 1721
Serial receive - order [2]
Ok, I wrote a simple 'if' script to sort them. It would have been nice if I could ...
7 years 3 1816
Serial receive - order
Hi Is there a simple way to set the receive order of variables?
7 years 3 1816
serial problem
I'm still battling with getting things sent reliably using the serial module. I hav...
8 years 2 1174
Bio reader
Has anyone done any work with Bio/Fingerprint readers? I'm wanting to use one of th...
8 years 1 1037
finding screws [2]
It looks like the best approach is to use 'Object recognition' and not Shape match, nor Image match.
8 years 3 1001
finding screws
Can anyone explain how to best go about using image match? In the attached image, I ...
8 years 3 1001

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