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opening error [9]
Ok, I used attached program. see attached pic. This morning, as I said, I tried the ...
9 years 12 1501
opening error [7]
I Don't see a 'test.robo' file if it was meant to be attached. Anyway, I just disabled the last item and saved, re-opened. Se...
9 years 12 1501
Sending characters [4]
Hi Steven Please could you look at this simple program and edit it so that it sends ...
9 years 5 1578
Sending characters [2]
OK, I realised I need to set up flags and use the if statement to disable further sends, after the send, if a flag has been set....
9 years 5 1578
Test Receive
I have a numericl keypad connected to a serial port that sends in characters. the program seems to ...
9 years 2 1454
sending extended ascii in variable
If I have a variable, say, position = 82 How Do I get the value 82 to send out an "...
9 years 7 1797
sending extended ascii in variable [7]
Thanks. Gee, odd. I set it up tonight and it works. mmm, looks like when I got around to the right...
9 years 7 1797
sending extended ascii in variable [5]
Hi Steven Sorry, had to get some shuteye. No. I tried that already, see pic. I was h...
9 years 7 1797
sending extended ascii in variable [3]
Hi Steven Double lines \\\\ came through in the email, so I don't know if that is c...
9 years 7 1797
I see that there are two, as in; Write_Variables Write_Variables
9 years 2 1268
saving versus opening
Just curious; When opening a file, one is presented with the directory list, as usual.
9 years 2 1277
Does RR support USB3 cameras? I see that USB3 and GigE cameras share a GenICam interface, so I supp...
9 years 2 1314
How does the commenting work? In the attached picture, I'm wanting to edit the comment in the high...
9 years 2 1289
Gige Cameras
Hi Is there any procedure to use a Gige camera? I want to test an Allied Vision Prosilica camera. I...
9 years 2 1289
receiving characters
Can the serial in buffer get purged when read? In a Pic, for example, the receive bu...
9 years 1 1230
serial syntax [3]
Hi Steven Thanks, I sort of figured that out after posting. Not being too familiar with VB syntax, ...
9 years 3 1352
serial syntax
Hi I'm looking at the serial interface and trying to understand the syntax.
9 years 3 1352
Point Grey cameras [5]
Ok, that's odd. I did'nt know that was available. Unfortunately you have to have a Point Grey camera then to se...
9 years 6 1875
Point Grey cameras
Hi Is anyone using Point Grey cameras? If so, which model?
9 years 6 1875
Point Grey cameras [3]
Great. And how did you select the camera. Can you post the settings? ...
9 years 6 1875

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