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Eiting in kioskl mode [3]
Hi Steven Silly me I didn't realise the rectangles were still on the screen in edit mode, I just ha...
2 years 3 764
Hardware interface
Hi STeven Do you know the method/interface most commonly used to interface to RR, in industrial sys...
3 years 3 975
camera [3]
Thanks. Then I'll probably get colour and mono to test with. I have to...
4 years 3 960
Hi STeven I'm looking at getting this camera to experiment with; ...
4 years 3 960
Write images
Hi STeven Is there a simple way to initialise the saved image number in 'write images'?
6 years 2 1270
versions [3]
Thanks STeven Works a treat. Roland ...
6 years 3 1086
Hi STeven Is it possible to have two new system variables? I display t...
6 years 3 1086
refreshing image [3]
Thanks STeven Works great. Regards Roland ...
6 years 3 1663
refreshing image
If I use the 'load image' function, it seems that it only loads the image once. I ha...
6 years 3 1663
serial defaults
Hi STeven Looking at the serial screen, most of the fields are blank. What are these...
6 years 2 2082
maximized [3]
Hi STeven In startup there is a 'startup in full screen', but that has no border.
6 years 4 1158
How do I get RR to open 'maximised'. I am already using kiosk mode, but it leaves a margin around the edge.
6 years 4 1158
Failing to pause pipeline after waiting 10 seconds... [3]
Just chiming in here. I never knew that warning existed until the day I tried out a HD camera, the Microsoft lifecam. Up until t...
6 years 7 2440
Fill circle [3]
Hi STeven Yes, that would work too. The reason I mostly want a circle, is like in th...
6 years 4 1851
Fill circle
Hi STeven I often need to mask off areas when using the Blob_filter. It takes ages t...
6 years 4 1851
watch variables
I'm spending most of everyday working with RR, and quite getting used to it, but one feature would be really han...
7 years 9 1849
barcode length [3]
Hi STeven Sorry, I thought I had attached files. The thing is, I thought a two digit code would be ...
7 years 3 1907
barcode length
Hi STeven I was trying out the barcode module, printing codes and reading them. I fi...
7 years 3 1907
license [5]
It was a direct download. The vision machine, on the other hand, is always a copy as it has no internet, but neve...
7 years 5 1274
license [3]
Hi Steven I found that the reason RR was not opening was because of a 'security' issue. See the att...
7 years 5 1274

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