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Roland from South Africa  [107 posts]
5 year
Hi STeven

Do you know the method/interface most commonly used to interface to RR, in industrial systems?

I see a search of 'PLC' on the forum yields no results.
What are people using?
All I want is a dumb PLC style I/O interface for RR to talk to. Probably 232 serial.


Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 5 year
Since PLC devices are custom programmed, there isn't a standard communications protocol that has come up often. Typically one uses the Serial module to communicate a simplistic custom protocol (typically just a couple bytes) with a PLC device over RS 232. We don't have a specific module that is used with PLC protocols.

DanyaOray from United States  [1 posts] 5 year
I have 6 Click PLCs that I'd like to connect in a network and a desktop computer connected for ladder monitoring and programming. The desktop would be the master and all Clicks would be slaves. The PLCs don't need to communicate with each other. Is it possible to do this with a cable daisy chained from the computer to port 2 of each plc if each PLC has a unique node address? Let me know if anyone has done this. I'm new to device networks.

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