Point Grey cameras
Roland Jollivet from South Africa  [99 posts]
8 years


Is anyone using Point Grey cameras? If so, which model?

Alternatively, is there a list of Point grey cameras that are supported/ have been tested?

Saulius from Lithuania  [2 posts] 8 years
Tested and working with Flea FL3-GE-13s2c. No whitebalance control and exposure control in non absolute values through Camera_Properties module.
Roland Jollivet from South Africa  [99 posts] 8 years

And how did you select the camera. Can you post the settings?

Saulius from Lithuania  [2 posts] 8 years
It's a little tricky. After starting blank roborealm, selecting from Options pointgrey camera then pushing Camera button Im get image of size 320x240. Playing with Video format settings not help - still get 320x240. Insertion Camera_Properties module in pipeline not help - still cant change resolution. Saving robo file, editing in tex editor line <video_size>1280 x 960</video_size>. After that opening this robo file give me full resolution. Settings pictures:

Roland Jollivet from South Africa  [99 posts] 8 years

Ok, that's odd. I did'nt know that was available. Unfortunately you have to have a Point Grey camera then to see that option. I was hoping to test another GigE camera with different settings.

It's a pity one can't select from a list of all supported cameras. Steven?

Steven from United States  [1426 posts] 8 years
Answered offline, but for those reading this:

Point Grey has a DirectX driver that allows it to appear as a webcam. That's the reason the Camera Properties and other modules that utilize webcam interfaces can see Point Grey. GigE cameras do not appear in that list, its a different technology. Only if the camera comes with a DirectX driver too during install will that appear.

We are currently looking into creating a GigE module.


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