Displaying variables
Roland from South Africa  [4 posts]
9 years

I have 'Display variables' set up at two points in the program.

However, as I move down the program lines with the arrow keys, the variables are displayed or not.
And I can't get some variables to show their status,  like "Mid cut:" only shows
Mid cut:
while if I look in the watch variables I see;
Mid cut: False

Is there a condition for the variables to be shown?
I have them all marked as 'display as annotation' too.

Steven Gentner from United States  [1443 posts] 9 years
You should avoid using non alpha numeric characters (besides _) in variable names. What is happening in your case is the system is thinking that you are asking for Mid cut:X where X is an index into a variable array. Since that variable is not an array and there is no number after the : it is bailing.

Also try to avoid spaces too ... so if you rename it to


that should work better and display the value. We've added a filter in the current version to remove any illegal characters to avoid this from happening again.

If you want a : to delineate the name versus value, use the Display Text module and create your own variable in VB that is formatted as you like.

Note that to ensure all values are being displayed for all Display modules just unselect the currently selected line to ensure that NO line in the pipeline is selected. That will avoid the system stopping on the line that you have selected. Its a toggle.

Roland from South Africa  [105 posts] 9 years
Yippee, it works !
I can see the variables, and the save with disabled items re-opens ok.

Thanks Steven, hopefully I can get a lot done today.


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