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Spykee arrow key control [6]
No, sorry, I don't have time for it. But I can try to help you in this thread....
3 years 15 920
AVM Angle and VB-Script [3]
Try to use this code: AVM_angle = GetFloatVariable("NV_LOCATION_ANGLE") SetVariable...
5 years 3 922
Controlled recording of images [3]
I think you could use DVR Server plugin for this task because it allows archiving parameters and video data simultaneously:
6 years 2 933
Oculus [3]
Look into oculus developers documentation ( http://cod...
6 years 3 940
Stairs [3]
You can try to train AVM on it :) http:/...
7 years 2 954
lego nxt and AVM [4]
You should train AVM to some object in "Object recognition" mode and then switch to "Navigate mode" for activation of variab...
6 years 3 972
lego nxt and AVM [3]
There is description of way for control of two running motors: ...
6 years 3 972
Human Detection [4]
I think you could use AVM Navigator also for Human Detection with helping of "Learn from motion" option: ...
4 years 3 992
Human Following [2]
You could try to use motion detection for such task. See “AVM Navigator/Watching mode” for example: ...
4 years 4 1003
Can avm navigator be used on my own robot [3]
Yes, you should just find way how transmit control signals from AVM Navigator variables NV_TURRET_BALANCE, NV_L_MOTOR and NV_R_M...
6 years 2 1026
To EDV [5]
>> Is there a mode that the robot can Navigate without being trained? The "Watching mode" i...
5 years 5 1028
To EDV [3]
It is easy. You should just switch AVM Navigator to "Watching mode" and further you should show motion gesture by your hand to...
5 years 5 1028
avm.dat file change [3]
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.4.3 from your account link.
5 years 3 1061
PC Robot Vision Queston [4]
You can use AVM Navigator plugin for object recognition and tracking: ...
5 years 4 1063
PC Robot Vision Queston [5]
Perhaps the robot navigation can be also interesting for you (AVM Navigator in “Navigation by map” mode): ...
5 years 4 1063
avm [7]
In dialog window of RoboRealm "Lego NXT" module there is "Servos" page. So, if you have lot of servos amounting to your NXT ...
6 years 6 1073
avm [5]
But servo would be better solution for camera turning because it participates in initial localization of "Marker mode" and "N...
6 years 6 1073
avm [3]
You should use servo for camera turning and use variable NV_TURRET_BALANCE in this case. But if you use just simple motor instea...
6 years 6 1073
OK, I will ask again [4]
I have not found the robot driver for "Leaf Robot" in Contents\\Control\\Robots of RoboRealm package. Also I can...
7 years 7 1077
OK, I will ask again [3]
First you should connect Navigator variables to your robot for control. ...
7 years 7 1077

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