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PC Robot Vision Queston [5]
Perhaps the robot navigation can be also interesting for you (AVM Navigator in “Navigation by map” mode): ...
12 year 4 2247
Eye Tracking [9]
>> 3. Is it possible to use AVM plugin (Navigator) directly within Roborealm for eye tracking and Turret PTU camera positi...
13 year 15 5410
AVM Navigator input sources [5]
Unfortunately but I did not test AVM Navigator module on Windows 7 64-bit (it was tested only on win32 platforms).
12 year 8 2253
Detecting black and white circles [8]
I see much imposter (erroneous) recognition when marker is not presented in eyeshot. But this technique may be also convenient f...
13 year 8 5748
AVM Navigator input sources [7]
I try to understand what combinations of modules lead to crash? Read_HTTP + AVM Navigator -> crash comes three ...
12 year 8 2253
Face recognition progress [14]
It is easy. You should just use "Object recognition mode" in AVM Navigator module. First clear the AVM search tr...
12 year 14 8121
Now AVM is working faster [80]
The navigator usually sees a lot of images that was recognized as location association marks and it provide successful extractio...
12 year 117 21724
AVM Navigator input sources [8]
I think you should use the latest version of AVM Navigator v0.7.4 for testing. >> Hi, how do ...
12 year 8 2253
Face Matching [3]
It is easy. You should just use "Object recognition mode" in AVM Navigator module. First clear the AVM search tr...
12 year 19 9701
OK, I will ask again [3]
First you should connect Navigator variables to your robot for control. ...
13 year 7 2201
OK, I will ask again [4]
I have not found the robot driver for "Leaf Robot" in Contents\\Control\\Robots of RoboRealm package. Also I can...
13 year 7 2201
for EDTV [3]
1. Connect your robot to AVM Navigator. Just use the variables that described below for connection ...
13 year 16 1998
Sign Recognition [3]
I guess you could use AVM Navigator in "Object recognition" mode for this purpose. See "Sign detection and foll...
12 year 3 3457
Now AVM is working faster [81]
Hey Bmw318be :) it would be nice if you could shoot new video about your experiments with AVM Navigator. I think it would be pre...
12 year 117 21724
Face tracking [13]
What about AVM? See face tracking example: ...
12 year 12 5434
AVM object names [3]
Unfortunately but I can't transmit array of object names from AVM Navigator module through RoboRealm API for plugins (there is ...
11 year 9 3021
for EDTV [6]
Just let me know if emerge any additional questions and we will resolve it step by step ;)...
13 year 16 1998
AVM [7]
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.4.1 from your account link.
11 year 8 2670
for EDTV [8]
Can you prepare some video of AVM Navigator testing on your robot for me? It could help me in analyzing of current...
13 year 16 1998
Face recognition progress [6]
And what about AVM? It is already working: ht...
12 year 14 8121

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