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Now AVM is working faster
1. You should set the camera resolution to 320x240 25 FPS. See picture below: ...
12 year 117 21724
AVM Map dont work [15]
Thank you again! I appreciated your creativity :) Do you plan to share video from you...
12 year 38 7746
Now AVM is working faster [58]
Picture of video settings:
12 year 117 21724
Now AVM is working faster
2. Concentrate your attention on searching the cause of delay in pipeline processing. You should tr...
12 year 117 21724
Tracking an object using AVM [12]
It's interestingly. And can you show some results (demo video, pictures etc)?...
10 year 14 3700
Laser plus object plus center screen [3]
I think that this topic can be useful for your project: ...
12 year 2 1655
Now AVM is working faster [59]
Picture of RoboRealm pipeline: <...
12 year 117 21724
Object tracking [3]
I added “Learn from motion” option to “Object recognition” mode and you should download RoboRealm package with new AVM Navigator...
12 year 13 6313
Now AVM is working faster [60]
If you will be able to show that the Arduino module is the cause of pipeline delay by visual demonstration then RoboRealm Team w...
12 year 117 21724
AVM Enquiring [3]
I think you should look into this thread: ...
11 year 3 1765
AVM Map dont work [19]
The next AVM Navigator update is in progress. I inform you when it will be done....
12 year 38 7746
AVM Map dont work [20]
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.2.3 from your account link.
12 year 38 7746
Now AVM is working faster [64]
It looks much better :) What variables you use for robot control [NV_L_MOTOR and NV_R_MOTOR] or [NV...
12 year 117 21724
AVM Map dont work [22]
Can you insert "Contents\\Variable\\Watch_Variable" module before AVM Navigator module and check value of NV_FORWARD variable ...
12 year 38 7746
for EDV [3]
Thank you for interest to AVM Navigator module and I hope that we of course will implement it on your robot ;)...
12 year 2 1696
AVM. How to know the next waypoint X,Y coordinate [2]
I added new variables NV_WAYPOINT_X and NV_WAYPOINT_Y to the next version of AVM Navigator plugin but this version is not update...
10 year 3 5305
AVM Navigator variables [9]
Fred, The AVM algorithm is invariant to illumination level but if it is allocated evenly. If source...
12 year 22 6263
AVM Map dont work [24]
I had in mind to check status before AVM Navigator in pipeline because after AVM module this value was changed:
12 year 38 7746
AVM Navigator variables [10]
Also algorithm AVM automatically makes additionally training on the objects within object tracking (learning is indicated by the...
12 year 22 6263
AVM Map dont work [25]
You should just remove Set_Variables module from pipeline and then set NV_FORWARD variable from your external program and furthe...
12 year 38 7746

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