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Spykee arrow key control [6]
No, sorry, I don't have time for it. But I can try to help you in this thread....
10 year 15 2377
Face Matching [20]
The “avm061.dll” file is the implementation of AVM algorithm (it is provided an object recognition only).
12 year 19 9701
Spykee arrow key control [8]
Okay, can you manually check values for motor control of Erector Spykee? Which values should be set...
10 year 15 2377
To EDV [5]
>> Is there a mode that the robot can Navigate without being trained? The "Watching mode" i...
12 year 5 2024
Object Recognition and Tracking with AVM Navigator [11]
But key image size 80x80 is optimal for object recognition with AVM. Save your current recognition data and try to set 80x80 key...
11 year 10 3218
Spykee arrow key control [10]
Okay, let's try to make it clear with this picture: ...
10 year 15 2377
AVM Object Recognition [3]
The variable NV_ARR_OBJ_IDX is array. You should use VBScript for this task: TotalObj...
13 year 3 5097
Can I merge AVM with external control [4]
I think for merging of manual and automatic control by Navigator is needed changes in your VBScript program like this:
13 year 4 2380
AVM Map dont work [4]
Ulli, Can you provide some video of your experiments with AVM Navigator?
12 year 38 7746
Now AVM is working faster [53]
>> Are you planning to extend the features of your AVM modules? Yes, I am really planning to ...
12 year 117 21724
Can I merge AVM with external control [5]
Sorry, I forgot to include AVM Navigator module to the top of the video pipeline in my program.robo file. It is necessary for pr...
13 year 4 2380
AVM Map dont work [5]
You should use arrow keys for robot control in "Marker mode" (it is important for route recording) but it seems (from your ima...
12 year 38 7746
AVM Map dont work [6]
What if you try to train with "AVM Quake 3 mod" for acquaintance with "Marker mode" and "Navigation by map" modes?
12 year 38 7746
Detect movement in JPGs [3]
I think that DVR Client-Server could be good solution for this task: ...
12 year 2 1860
Tracking an object using AVM [9]
You should set variable NV_REMOVE_IDX to zero only one time (single shot) for clearing of the recognition data that was associat...
10 year 14 3700
AVM Map dont work [8]
Unfortunately but now there is no way for notification of AVM Navigator about motion control from external application. I will k...
12 year 38 7746
AVM Map dont work [10]
Some variables of AVM Navigator module is used for input (with prefix _IN): NV_IN_SET_MODE - the cu...
12 year 38 7746
People counting [3]
What if you try to use DVR Clint-Server for this purpose? ...
12 year 3 1792
avm [3]
You should use servo for camera turning and use variable NV_TURRET_BALANCE in this case. But if you use just simple motor instea...
13 year 6 2206
AVM Map dont work [13]
Thank you for good idea! I will think over your proposal with named waypoints....
12 year 38 7746

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