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Robustness of RR in Industrial application [3]
I have used RoboRealm since 2008 in an industrial setting. Stability has been excellent with conve...
2 years 3 901
Server processing of images
Hello STeven, I am starting an inspection project which is better suited as a RR server  ...
4 years 2 940
Button toggle groups
Running ver. 2.67.6 I am having trouble with a button interface toggle group of 8 option buttons th...
7 years 2 1632
Marker Problem with Crop
I set a marker before cropping the image. I process the cropped image and then want to revert to the source image....
7 years 2 1868
Camera Exposure [2]
Is there a way to determine the camera expsosure settings. My Imaging Source camera has a bad habit of losing its settings if it...
11 years 1 1684
Live Sports Updates [3]
google rss feeds for help on finding data from the web....
11 years 2 3178
setParameter for ButtonInterface [2]
I am having trouble implementing a dynamic button interface. I have an array of values that correspond to csv files that are loa...
11 years 1 1744
Change cameras [2]
I read through the FAQ and guides about using multiple cameras but I am not sure how you recommend interfacing wi...
11 years 6 5760
Change cameras [4]
I didn't know you could do that with the marker module. That's extremely helpful. Thanks....
11 years 6 5760
Serial receiving [5]
Look at the red data in the left box which shows the readings from the serial port. Like the exampl...
11 years 9 2579
Unstable variable assignments [7]
I have seen similar problems in the SET_VARIABLE module. We assign 2 user variables V_CAM_EXP = -5 and V_CAM_GAIN=...
12 years 7 3031
I am trying to do fine colour comparisons of items presented to a camera. I am using the COLOUR_STATISTICS after t...
12 years 2 2519
Camera Control - ImagingSource DFK 21AU04 [2]
I am using a ImagingSource DFK 21AU04 camera. Earlier versions of RoboRealm allowed for red-blue control for white balance in th...
12 years 2 1809
Feature Request - GUI slider? [5]
You could make up/down buttons that make the values change and display the current value in RR. Alt...
12 years 4 2863
Cropping using variables [6]
I have seen this with the cropping module in X end and Y end places. The replaced characters seem to be consistant....
12 years 11 3026
Cropping using variables [11]
Here is a scan of a section of a robo file that shows the extended characters in the crop module. <...
12 years 11 3026
Cropping using variables [8]
Next time this occurs I will look at the robo file to determine what values are in the crop module.
12 years 11 3026
Font sizes [2]
Thank you for the larger fonts in the most recent downlaod. I had replaced Verdana 12 with a home-b...
12 years 1 1586
request a comment module [4]
Thanks, This will help greatly with with modules I am trying out. ...
12 years 3 1629
request a comment module [2]
I would likr to request a comment or label module be added to allow for documenting the pipeline. ...
12 years 3 1629

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