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Philips Webcam alternative [5]
I am using RoboRealm to automate picture taking and color analysis which requires color and exposure control. The settings I can...
9 years 4 1970
Serial Communication [4]
Today I tried a different model - SICK CLV430 - and the RoboRealm console shows data being received. There must be something dif...
9 years 8 1692
Serial Communication [5]
SICK is http://sick.com/home/en.h...
9 years 8 1692
Serial Communication [6]
The Barcode scanner was outputting tecnical data over its terminal port. I set the t...
9 years 8 1692
Possible to Disable Snap in Kiosk mode? [3]
I have avoided the problem by using the serial port extension to directly read the data. Previously...
9 years 3 1245
Serial Communication [8]
I am using RoboRealm to test if Imaging Source USB cameras provide a good enough picture and are fast enough to evaluate the pro...
9 years 8 1692
Cameras form The Imaging Source company [4]
I have Imaging Source USB 640x480 cameras - DFK 21AU04. The DirectShow interface's exposure settin...
9 years 6 1801
Cameras form The Imaging Source company [6]
I am trying to create a routine to calibate the camera exposure using an 18% grey card which requires very fine t...
9 years 6 1801
Sending data to serial port [3]
The variable V_RELAY is the ASCII string \\255\\01\\01. It serial module seems to be sending the s...
9 years 3 1269
Image Comparison [4]
First you need to isolate the overall cube and then the squares - try the blob filter by shape and color. If not, ...
9 years 7 1510
Sending data to serial port [4]
Figured it out. In the send sequence I put \\255\\01\\[V_BELT]
9 years 3 1269
request a comment module [4]
Thanks, This will help greatly with with modules I am trying out. ...
8 years 3 1143
Cropping using variables [6]
I have seen this with the cropping module in X end and Y end places. The replaced characters seem to be consistant....
8 years 11 2179
Cropping using variables [8]
Next time this occurs I will look at the robo file to determine what values are in the crop module.
8 years 11 2179
Cropping using variables [11]
Here is a scan of a section of a robo file that shows the extended characters in the crop module. <...
8 years 11 2179
Feature Request - GUI slider? [5]
You could make up/down buttons that make the values change and display the current value in RR. Alt...
8 years 4 2157
Unstable variable assignments [7]
I have seen similar problems in the SET_VARIABLE module. We assign 2 user variables V_CAM_EXP = -5 and V_CAM_GAIN=...
8 years 7 2271
Serial receiving [5]
Look at the red data in the left box which shows the readings from the serial port. Like the exampl...
7 years 9 1767
Change cameras [4]
I didn't know you could do that with the marker module. That's extremely helpful. Thanks....
7 years 6 4745
Live Sports Updates [3]
google rss feeds for help on finding data from the web....
7 years 2 2432

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