Robustness of RR in Industrial application
Suresh K from India  [1 posts]
20 days
I am planning to develop a machine vision application to test the light beam of automotive headlamp. This is an industrial application
I want to know how robust Robo Realm is in terms of the following
1. Continued performance without memory leaks, crashes
2. Speed of processing like inspecting objects on a conveyor etc
3. Consistency and repeatability . How consistent results are

I request anyone who has used RR in industrial application to guide me and share their experiences.
Thanks a lot in advance
Aman Rana from United States  [33 posts] 19 days
1 Absolutely perfect. Memory leak o crash when mishandled.
2 Speed of processing depends upon how big image you are processing and how many modules using. Each module will cost some speed drag.
3 Very consistent.
But if you explain more about your agenda in detail, may be I can help you out.

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