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Paul D from Canada  [45 posts]
7 year
Hello STeven,

I am starting an inspection project which is better suited as a RR server  application with no camera attached.

Can the Web Server module be used for clients to submit pictures and receive and XLM response with post-processing variables? I am looking for a simple pass/fail response on a single image.

I could also write an asp.net script to handle the client connections, receive the images and communicate with RR.

Thanks for the help.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year

This is possible but a lot of it will depend on what platform your clients would use to submit pictures. For example, are they sitting at a laptop/desktop or are they on a mobile phone? The reason is that uploading an image to a webserver has never been very standardized and there are a lot of helper objects that can help make the upload a bit easier but they differ in how they send the data. Do you have one of these in mind or where you just looking for a simple upload button not unlike what we use in the forum to upload images?

Keep in mind that RR doesn't run any back end web scripting like ASP.net/PHP/etc. does so its functionality in hosting a web app will be very limited. You may find that using the API to a .net webapp might be more flexible and use RR as you would use a database in a webapp (i.e. server side API calls).


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