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Camera Exposure [2]
Is there a way to determine the camera expsosure settings. My Imaging Source camera has a bad habit of losing its settings if it...
8 years 1 1345
setParameter for ButtonInterface [2]
I am having trouble implementing a dynamic button interface. I have an array of values that correspond to csv files that are loa...
8 years 1 1313
Font sizes [2]
Thank you for the larger fonts in the most recent downlaod. I had replaced Verdana 12 with a home-b...
9 years 1 1149
I am trying to do fine colour comparisons of items presented to a camera. I am using the COLOUR_STATISTICS after t...
9 years 2 1953
Marker Problem with Crop
I set a marker before cropping the image. I process the cropped image and then want to revert to the source image....
4 years 2 1329
Are camera properties set each frame? [2]
Does the camera properties module transmit the sttings to the camera each frame or does it monitor the last settings and only up...
9 years 2 1584
Camera Control - ImagingSource DFK 21AU04 [2]
I am using a ImagingSource DFK 21AU04 camera. Earlier versions of RoboRealm allowed for red-blue control for white balance in th...
9 years 2 1401
Switch to Kiosk problem [2]
Small issue... You cannot use Ctrl+K to switch to Kiosk mode if there is a module in the pipeline t...
10 years 2 1076
Live Sports Updates [3]
google rss feeds for help on finding data from the web....
8 years 2 2615
Server processing of images
Hello STeven, I am starting an inspection project which is better suited as a RR server  ...
1 year 2 384
Button toggle groups
Running ver. 2.67.6 I am having trouble with a button interface toggle group of 8 option buttons th...
4 years 2 995
request a comment module [2]
I would likr to request a comment or label module be added to allow for documenting the pipeline. ...
9 years 3 1213
Possible to use variables in Sample Color [2]
I am trying to use the Sample Color module on an target area within a blob. Currently, the coordina...
10 years 3 1063
Possible to Disable Snap in Kiosk mode? [3]
I have avoided the problem by using the serial port extension to directly read the data. Previously...
10 years 3 1357
Sending data to serial port [4]
Figured it out. In the send sequence I put \\255\\01\\[V_BELT]
10 years 3 1377
Sending data to serial port [3]
The variable V_RELAY is the ASCII string \\255\\01\\01. It serial module seems to be sending the s...
10 years 3 1377
Sending data to serial port [2]
I have a USB realy switch on com3 that I am trying to control in RoboRealm. The console area works ...
10 years 3 1377
request a comment module [4]
Thanks, This will help greatly with with modules I am trying out. ...
9 years 3 1213
Philips Webcam alternative [5]
I am using RoboRealm to automate picture taking and color analysis which requires color and exposure control. The settings I can...
10 years 4 2226
Philips Webcam alternative [2]
Hello, I am using a Philips SPC900NC CCD webcam that is fast and provides great images. Every time ...
10 years 4 2226

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