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Bug in Python 2.x script implementation?
Hi Steve, not sure whether this is a bug or a feature, example attached: If you print a very long s...
6 years 4 1055
Bug in sample color module
Hi STeven, There is a bug in the sample color module. Pls see the attached file. The confidence sho...
6 years 3 1630
Bug in Scaling - Wrong aspect ratio
Hi, I have noticed a bug in the scaling. If I choose "maintain aspect ratio" and slide use the up...
11 years 2 2235
Bug in VBScript
I'm using RR I'm trying to use VBScript just to copy an array variable into another. The...
12 years 2 1169
Bug selecting 2nd of 2 identical cameras
I have a total of 3 cameras on my laptop: Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 #2
11 years 18 2116
Bug with double if creation
Ich you create two if statement directly in sequence, mark the second one and move it upwards, in walks into the first if. OK. T...
6 years 2 1408
Bug with Read_HTTP module
Hi STeven et. al., I am using the attach .robo file to process the video feed from a Linksys wirele...
11 years 5 1503
Bug with this forum page!
I choose No thanks for the Donate for a quicker response.. and it says it's required..  I had to cheat and say Buy yo...
11 years 1 1023
Bug with using variable in Write_Text variable
Hello, I have set up a variable for a path I want to write text to, but the [variable] does not se...
3 years 3 849
hi, i think, i found a bug in blob_tracking module. firstly, please do...
5 years 2 1457
When I try to activate the MCU module RR all but locks up.  Frame rate drops to <1 fps.  Am I doing somet...
6 years 8 1782
Buggy trial version!
New trial version has bugs! For one thing it uses the same install date as my last trial, so I only...
8 years 6 1338
BUGS!!! in vb.net...
Hi, The following 2 functions in the API example in visual basic are giving errors:
13 years 2 1334
Building a system to match faces to a database
Hi all, I want to build a face matching system using roborealm. I need the program to do the follow...
7 years 1 1153
Bulk image processing
Roborealm and Steven - Thank for your great software Is there &nb...
11 years 2 2016
Bus/Coach detection (al same colour)
Hi, Can anyone give me advice the best way to go about counting passing vehicles, specifically, the...
7 years 2 1622
Hi Is it possible to use button control interface to control LED, like swith on and off. Example I create 2 butto...
8 years 11 2588
Button Control of servo
Hello All, fairly new to all this so my apologies if this is extremely obvious.... But how the heck do you control a servo with...
9 years 2 2576
Button Interface
I was wondering if it is possible to use the button interface while the camera is set to full screen mode.  I have ver...
10 years 4 2875
Button Interface Bug
I've found small error in the button interface . Variable Value only saved on START and STOP buttons , Pause and...
12 years 5 1468

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