Buggy trial version!
10 years
New trial version has bugs!

For one thing it uses the same install date as my last trial, so I only have 14 days of use on the new trial version!

For another the "options" and "camera" button do NOT work! This limits me to working with pictures and already recorded video files!
Syfy from Netherlands  [18 posts] 10 years
no there are no bugs in the prog
it seems to me you tempered with time and date and the prog will not allow this.
or that you downloaded a new trail and this is giving the same kind of(problems).
it's a trail so you can see if it is a prog you want or need to use.
if you ask me ,i don't think the prog is expensive for what it can do and gives you access to.
also the support you can get is good.

Anonymous 10 years
Actually tampering with the time doesn't cut out options or camera buttons. It completely makes the program refuse to start! I know because I have experimented around with it to see if I could figure out just how it DOES detect the current time, an just how it DOES store the install date. Currently I have figured where it stores the "last run" time, but not where it stores the "initial install time".

But back on topic, even when I DON'T experiment around with this stuff, it won't let me use the options or camera buttons. In previous trial versions that NEVER happened. Is this a new trial limitation, or is it a bug?
Anonymous 10 years
Tampering with the date will start to shut the application down even if you manage to run it. The 30 trial version is exactly that, a 30 day trial version. If you attempt to download and run the application past the 30 day trial version (which it sounds like you have) then it will start to malfunction since you are beyond the 30 day trial. You will start to notice other parts of the application will start failing too ... naturally all this is gone once you actually purchase the application.

Anonymous 10 years
But it still says I have 11 days left! It is NOT past the end of its trial! It shouldn't be cutting me out of using it at all!
Anonymous 10 years
Use the contact form to send us an email and we will check your account out. It should not disable anything as long as 11 days are left. That may be a incorrect configuration in the version you have.

If that's the case we can extend your trial period.


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