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Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture)
Hello Steven - this is my restated posting with a picture attached.... The blue ball is datum. ...
5 years 2 975
Calculating Velocity
Hello, I am attempting to track moving people on a street.  The problem occurs when cars pass by and the COG calculati...
11 years 3 2060
Calibrate camera color
I want to calibrate the camera colors against a reference board. Basically what I have is s photogr...
9 years 2 2167
Call external program
Hello, I'm trying to call an external program (to control winamp at the moment) called CLAmp.exe. It does...
12 years 3 2287
Call Module
Steven, I have successfully created several .robo programs for my application, and now wish to use the Call Tab m...
5 years 2 1662
Call module neither function nor task
The Call module seems not to work like the function/subroutine call model indicated in the documentation.  Instead it ...
5 years 3 1749
Call Tab Module
Hi... I am new to RR and would like to do some Object Recognition with two USB cameras.  I have a program that has 4 T...
1 year 2 356
Is there any suggestions in cameras that would work best for vision based software that has high resolutions with fast f...
12 years 2 1583
Hi STeven I'm looking at getting this camera to experiment with; ...
2 years 3 666
Camera - Allied Vision Tech
I would like to use Guppy, an Allied Vision Technologies camera. It is firewire connected and it do...
10 years 3 1290
Camera Bug
Hi, I am using a Basler GigE camera in RR. The software picks up the c...
1 year 2 871
camera choice
Has anyone used this camera with RR? I see it has auto-focus, which might be a probl...
5 years 2 975
camera CMUcam connect PC with usb DB9
Hello (i m french) Would know you how I can put taking(setting), to connect the CMUcam 3 has roborealm, by using a...
8 years 15 5108
Camera Control - ImagingSource DFK 21AU04
I am using a ImagingSource DFK 21AU04 camera. Earlier versions of RoboRealm allowed for red-blue control for white balance in th...
10 years 2 1613
Camera Exposure
Is there a way to determine the camera expsosure settings. My Imaging Source camera has a bad habit of losing its settings if it...
9 years 1 1496
Camera for RR
I would like to purchase LOGITECH C270 HD WEBCAM for my Roborealm project for image processing and obstacle avoidance.
8 years 2 1150
Camera FPS through xml
Hello, I am using RoboRealm xml to communicate. I am able to set compression (compres...
2 years 4 824
Camera FPS vs Processing FPS
Hello, Is there a difference when changing processing FPS (through"other" tab) or camera FPS (throu...
2 years 5 1060
Camera Framerate
Hello, everyone. I have a question concerning the webcam I'm using for my robot. It's a U...
12 years 2 1760
Camera Freezing with Convex Hull
I am having problems with Roborealm locking up on a live image when using the Convex_hull method.  The symptoms are th...
3 years 4 1407

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