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Camera from roborio
Does anyone know how to get a camera feed into roborealm from the usb camera that is attached to the frc roborio? I can get the ...
4 years 9 2060
Camera I like
I have ordered a bunch of cameras over the last year (Like 20)  I had a mini grant to test different cameras i...
13 years 1 2332
Camera oscillation
I've got a servo mounted webcam following a blue object. To get a quicker response I set the 'Min Processing FPS' to 30. Now...
10 years 1 1218
camera problem
hai.. my project is based on fire fighting robots.it consist 3 robot.which always search for fire.how can i interf...
8 years 2 1891
Camera Properties Adjusting/Saving
I'm using USB microscope cameras for a few applications but I'm having trouble with some of the camera settings. Specifically,...
6 years 4 1541
Camera Properties not changing
Hi Steven, I am having some difficulty with camera properties working with Logitech Webcams (I am not sure their e...
11 years 3 1177
camera recognition
I am using Roborelam software to detect dead embryos which are black in color. RGB filter is used in this case. I am using 3 dif...
6 years 2 1078
camera recommended for colour based object tracking robot
Hi, We are going to make a colour based object tracking robot.Can u please reccommend a wireless camera that will...
7 years 2 925
Camera resolution problem
Hi I have some problems with camera resolution when starting RoboRealm. I need cam resolution 1600x...
10 years 3 1983
Camera Settings
I am using webcam for image processing.So i change the resolution of my camera to 320*240 from 640*480 default settings and save...
4 years 5 1017
Camera Solution Without Port Forwarding
I am currently successfully using the Foscam FI8918W where the camera and the computer running are connected to an intranet over...
8 years 2 2727
Camera Source-Network Camera vs TV Card
Any suggestions for connecting to a network camera? Currently the only option showing is a TV PCI card. My network camer...
12 years 19 11912
Camera Support
I am working on applications that involve primarily processing of a single static image.  Typically, the items of inte...
4 years 6 993
Camera Support - Playstation Eye
Does roborealm support the Playstation 3 Eye camera, or could it be made to communicate with the community-created Windows drive...
9 years 2 1114
Camera support Needed
Hello Steven I am trying to access OmniVision's OV4682, a 4-megapixel RGB infrared (IR) single camera module.
4 years 3 1049
Camera that can see computer LCD monitor 8 point font
Is there anyone out there that can verify if today's cameras (one more powerful than a webcam camera) are capable of "seeing"...
10 years 5 1163
camera view showing in my own visual basic.net app
Hi I am writing my own GUI to use with the robot I am building (robotics connection traxster with s...
11 years 6 2151
Can any IP cameras work on roborealm, apart from the ones mentioned in the cameras module? I got ne...
5 years 2 895
Cameras form The Imaging Source company
I see that The Imaging Source is listed as one of the RR partners. Can RR fully utilize their camera capabilities such as the fr...
12 years 6 2445
Camrer image distort
Hi, Steven         I just got a"Euresys PICLOL Tymo" camera. I can get r...
12 years 0 2156

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