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Button interface to activate tabs
Hi, I have three experiment conditions and each condition is programmed in a tab: tabA, tabB, and t...
6 years 2 1874
Button setting
This has been reported before but I haven't found a definitive resolution posted. I'm using versi...
11 years 1 1150
Button toggle groups
Running ver. 2.67.6 I am having trouble with a button interface toggle group of 8 option buttons th...
5 years 2 1356
Hi STeven I have been mulling on sending this for months now, because you I don't want to make extr...
5 years 3 1357
C # Programming with roborealm
hello everyone, i'm so interested to develop program for human detection using C# with roborealm,...
6 years 2 909
C# getimage
Hello, I use the API In my c# program I do:
10 years 4 1298
C# questions
I can start the camera and set up a green filter using rr.execute("<head><version>1.50</ve...
12 years 10 3292
C# Sample Project
Has anyone created a simple C# Form Application for RGB Filter? Not really able to follow the sample project that I downloaded a...
4 years 4 1535
C# with roborealm
Hi, I am working on project which make a camera possible to recognize, capture, and compare the image to original one 'automati...
7 years 2 1485
C++ API & Compiler issue.
Hi, I've started experimenting with the C++ API, however I cannot even seem to compile the...
11 years 11 3648
C++ Script
How easy would it be to make an internal C++ script module like the VBScript Program? Or does it already exist? The Visual Basic...
9 years 6 1264
C/C++ RR plugin recieve two data streams at the same time
Hello, Steven! I would like to develop C/C++plugin for RR. Is any way to my plugin get two images from other RR plugins at the s...
3 years 2 1051
Cal & Thickness Probe
The attached robofile illustrates two odd behaviors. 1) The auto calibration will not work on the o...
3 years 3 1065
Calculate angle
I am using the calculate angle module to calculate a 2 point line. My start point is the center of the image and t...
5 years 2 1691
Calculate Angle of an Arrow
I am trying to calculate the angle of an arrow (with respect to an angle pointing upwards). These are the images I am using for...
10 years 2 3739
calculate distance
hi steven i am a new user for roborealm , i am working on military robot and use roborealm as a vision system and...
7 years 2 999
Hi. I new in roborealm, and I have a problem. How can I calculate the distance in meters in the det...
6 years 4 2405
Calculating Angles
Hello, What part of a blob is used to calculate the angle value (Geometric A...
12 years 2 1407
Calculating distance
Hello, Was wondering what is the best module to be used in order to calculate the distance from the...
10 years 4 4156
Calculating distance between two blob COGs
I am trying to measure distance [in pixels is fine] between two blobs.  I can see that there is a COG_X(0) and COG_X(1...
5 years 2 972

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