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Can a basic stamp use roborealm
is it possible to have the bs2 work with roborealm and a camera to track a object in a room, and with out it connected to the co...
11 years 4 1801
can a servo can be controlled with a simple bluetooth dongle
i have a question and really need a answer... i will use a serial servo controller to a rc car.. can i use a simple blue...
13 years 3 2875
Can avm navigator be used on my own robot
Guys when i went through the tutorials they ve just explained it with specific robots like rovio and roomba . Can avm navigator...
9 years 2 1457
Can I Import Pre-recorded Video??
Firstly, I am new to this. I am wanting to know if there is a way to import prerecorded video??
6 years 2 1104
Can I merge AVM with external control
Hey I was just wondering if it was possible to merge my existing RR program with AVM.  I want be able to control my bo...
9 years 4 1558
can I use any stepper motor controller circuit
Hi, I  planning to build a USB Missle Launcher, but I want to mak...
13 years 6 6156
Can i use GigE Camera to work with RoboRealm?
hi, Normally we used GigE Cameras in our system, such as Basler. is it possible to us...
10 years 2 1405
Can I use this camera with Roborealm?  LINKSYS WVC54GCA
Hey Guys, Can the LINKSYS WVC54GCA (http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_Product_C2&childpa...
12 years 3 1196
Can not connect to Basler acA640-120
Hi STeven. Can not connect to Basler acA640-120. Module is used GenlCam.
5 years 2 1741
Can not find webcam with object tracking software
Hi everyone, I have just downloaded the roborealm object tracking software, i have tryed with 3 different...
13 years 3 6322
can RoboRealm can be used to sort balls
I'm trying to make a vision machine that will sort red and green balls. Before getting further, I would just like to know if Ro...
12 years 2 1285
can roborealm connect to srv-1 camera
thinking of buying the SRV-1 camera for my robot projects and wanted to know can it be hook up without  the surveyor r...
12 years 2 1250
Can Roborealm do this?
There are five robotic arms in the cooler at a local convenience store. Each arm is holding a different brand of soda and is res...
5 years 4 924
Can Roborealm get screen images from a different program running?
Where I work we have an older wave meter (measures the exact wavelength of light) that has no way to communicate the results exc...
5 years 3 1071
can roborealm run under BartPE ?
Hi. I am planning on building a more powerful robot which will use RoboRealm for onboard vision processing...
11 years 4 1622
Can RR run steper motor ?
Hi all, First of all I would like to thank all people who made this grate softwaer. My qoustin is :...
7 years 2 960
Can RR work with this CNC Brakout board ?
Hi All , Did any one try to run steppping motors with RR throw this CNC Breakout board? if yes plea...
7 years 2 955
Can turtlebot 2 be controlled by RoboRealm
Is there a module in roborealm that will allow control of the turtlebot 2 similar to the coroware corobot module?...
7 years 3 1472
can two cameras(imaging source) show up in RR?
I am finding the way to show up two cameras view in RR. Two cameras are from imaging source company
8 years 3 1400
can u help us???????
can u help us our proposal is robotics,we dont know what is the first move to do...i am a student of a university.....thanks...
11 years 2 1037

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