Bug in Python 2.x script implementation?
Thomas Wagner from Germany  [51 posts]
9 year
Hi Steve,

not sure whether this is a bug or a feature, example attached: If you print a very long string, subsequent print commands will be ignored in your python 2.x script interface.

BR Thomas


Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

There is a problem with the Windows control that we are using for the output in that it doesn't scroll to the right. What is happening is that the line is too long for the display unless you grab the lower right corner resize in that window to increase its size. You will see the next line ... its just all the way to the right. If you add a new line to the end of each line that will then show up.

We figured most people would probably just use their own editors instead of the interface. If that's not the case we can improve the overall module in terms of editing but so far that's a lower priority.

Thomas Wagner from Germany  [51 posts] 9 year

I see your point. Though I use Python heavily, I did not try to use my own editor, but worked with RoboRealm, since otherwise I have to save the file in my editor, switch applications and then press "reload and run" to execute each update. So for me the RoboReal editor seems to work fine for most of the 20-line implementations, performing the same task with 1 instead of 3 klicks.

For working with a separate editor, a checkbox for doing reloading automatically (on the cost of execution time) would make things more comfortable (2 instead of 3 clicks), but I agree that this might be no high priority. Though the whole product is pretty perfect already ;-) ...

Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

We added a checkbox at the top of these modules to auto-load and run when the system sees a change in the external file. Seems to work and does save a click! Was a quick update and worth doing.


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