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Overlays on multiple camera views [3]
Mai, I'm not sure I understand the question completely, but if you want to display different overl...
11 year 3 2676
Human Detection [3]
If you can use something like a Kinect or Asus Xtion that will certainly be the easiest way to go. Also, thermal sensors are eas...
11 year 3 2184
Object Recognition App [3]
Daniel, First, what parts are you thinking of identifying. The OR module uses a couple different te...
11 year 2 2413
FRC 2013 Targeting Code [3]
Seems that there was a typo in that url. Its been fixed but I've also attached the robofile to this post so that you have it di...
11 year 3 2702
Network Table Help [3]
Hi, Yes, it sounds like the PC is not connecting to the CRio. Can you try running the SmartDashboar...
11 year 6 2121
Network Table Help [7]
Yes, it seems that there was a protocol version update which caused the version RR is using to be denied access to the tables. T...
11 year 6 2121
Network Table Help [5]
We can't seem to find an obvious place to check the version number to verify if you are using 2.0 or not. So, can you confirm w...
11 year 6 2121
NetworkTables not connecting to Robot [4]
Mike, No problem, it just got updated last night. You'll have to download RR again to get that fix...
11 year 3 1689
Compiling Programs for FRC [3]
Jay, It doesn't compile within LabView but it does integrate with it. If you have a look at the AP...
11 year 2 1705
action_shot_scantron [3]
See if the attached meets your needs. Note, it assumes that the scantron is horizontally aligned as in your image. If not, see i...
11 year 2 2776
Kinect IR 320x240 [7]
One additional point, try JUST the 320x240 IR image without the RGB. We've seen quite a few folks keep the RGB and IR image tog...
11 year 6 3791
Kinect IR 320x240 [3]
Yes, there are several better ways to move images around than using remote desktop. It depends on what you want to do with the i...
11 year 6 3791
Kinect IR 320x240 [6]
Ok, so the known issue with 320x240 is actually with the RGB mode and not the IR mode. We tried what you describe in your first ...
11 year 6 3791
Kinect IR 320x240 [5]
We'll double check things tonight as I know there were issues in the past with that res on the IR camera.
11 year 6 3791
Binary image matching [4]
Anthony, Can you mention what kind of change you'd expect the dot pattern to do? I.e.
11 year 4 2201
Roborealm With FRC [3]
Are you using SmarDashboard? That can be used to view that values from RoboRealm are being sent to the main network table.
11 year 2 2289
what happen about the interface to EZ-ROBOT BOARD [4]
Fred, Unfortunately the one we ordered seems to have been lost in the mail. We're waiting for this...
11 year 3 2134
Vision Guided Tractor [3]
Bob, What you are asking for will require some environmental changes. Before we even get into the v...
11 year 9 2499
Obstacle Avoidance Laser System [3]
Cherault, Its easier if there is an image that can be used as an example. What you want to do is to...
11 year 2 2973
Multiple clients connected to RoboRealm Server [3]
Paulo, I assume you mean connecting to the API server? The API server is configured to only allow o...
11 year 2 1597

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