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Robo Realm Filter Help [3]
Yes, check out the Marker module ... it will save the current image using a name you provide (in case you need it later) and the...
7 years 3 1671
Write Image [3]
Since executing the If Statement only once per signal seems to be a common issue, we've added a "Latch" condition in the If S...
7 years 4 1615
Write Image [5]
You can only use VBscript to "setup" the variables to be used in those modules. You cannot 'call' the module as you would a ...
7 years 4 1615
Python 32 bit DLL on Win 7 ia64 [6]
You have to upgrade to python 3.0 or 3.3. Python 2.7 is no longer supported. We're just following what ...
7 years 5 2707
Python 32 bit DLL on Win 7 ia64 [4]
John, Thanks for the tip. The message has been updated to reflect that spelling correction and inst...
7 years 5 2707
Output from RR [13]
The saved image I have called her "template." No, call her "Left_Click"
7 years 15 1476
Output from RR [9]
The name of the recognized object is place in the OBJECT_NAME variable. Thus if you use LEFT_CLICK as the name of the object ins...
7 years 15 1476
Output from RR [6]
Francesco, If you have #1 working then you can type in the coordinates that the mouse should be at ...
7 years 15 1476
Output from RR [4]
Francesco, As everyones project is a little different we don't have code for exactly what you want...
7 years 15 1476
Audio [5]
I'm not sure you want to trigger off from MOUSE_X as that will change based on the position of the mouse. Is this correct?
7 years 4 1988
Audio [3]
You probably need to surround the audio playing with an if statement module and ensure that the latch checkbox is selected. This...
7 years 4 1988
distance [5]
You almost have it, using the CInt you can use a = Cint((sqrt((x*x)+(y*y)))/100) / 10
7 years 4 1253
distance [3]
x = GetVariable("x") y = GetVariable("y") a = sqrt((x*x)+(y*y))
7 years 4 1253
floor detect [3]
You will need to point the camera more down to the floor. As your floor and walls are very similar in color, you will have to re...
7 years 2 1566
Trival Error [3]
Rud, Thanks for the tip! STeven....
7 years 2 1561
Script and image Count [3]
Yes, there is a maximum, it will be a signed 32 bit number or 2,147,483,647. If that is exceeded the number will probably jump n...
7 years 3 1357
Request for quotation [3]
Varghese, You should have received an email from me with an appropriate email address to send the R...
7 years 2 1448
2D barcode [5]
Pete, Yes! That would work much better. The image posted above is 640x480 which I'm not sure if th...
7 years 9 2163
2D barcode [10]
Pete, Yes this is possible but it depends on how you are running RoboRealm. If you are doing this v...
7 years 9 2163
2D barcode [7]
Pete, Sorry for the delay on this. We wanted to test additional samples and improve on the detectio...
7 years 9 2163

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