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Variable control for sobel edge detection [3]
Dawson, You can probably use the normalization module after the low setting sobel to get the values...
4 years 2 722
variable [3]
Pierrick, That shouldn't happen (the appending) but based on they way you have configured your rob...
4 years 2 662
Calculate_distance [3]
You will need to know the pixel to meters factor. I.e. how much distance a pixel represents in the real world. This can be deter...
4 years 4 1911
Calculate_distance [5]
We can't know without access to the physical environment. You would need to actually measure it and use that measurement to cre...
4 years 4 1911
Programming Arexx RA-1 Pro With the aid of a camera sensor . [3]
Erdogan, If your camera is mounted on the end of the robot arm, that may be the issue. As you try t...
4 years 2 738
Purchasing 10 Licences (academic) for a French School [4]
Looks like you have a problem with your email account: Delivery to the following recipient failed p...
4 years 6 563
Purchasing 10 Licences (academic) for a French School [3]
Georges, We did, I replied to that back on April 26th. You may want to check your junk mail folder ...
4 years 6 563
Purchasing 10 Licences (academic) for a French School [6]
Georges, I have replied using your GMAIL account. I will let you know if we see any returned messag...
4 years 6 563
School project [3]
Given those items I'd take a quick look at Makey ...
4 years 2 696
my robofile is hidden [3]
For others ... it doesn't necessarily save it to the examples folder. It saves robofiles based on where you specify the folder ...
4 years 3 670
Cannot change Color Format for camera [3]
Marco, Not much choice on this since its the first we've come across this issue when changing the ...
4 years 3 673
Academic License Purchasing [3]
Zati, Yes, we can. Please use our contact form and send us your email, name and physical address. W...
4 years 2 680
Operating with decimals [5]
result = 4.589 - CInt(4.589) should do that. STeven....
4 years 4 1113
Operating with decimals [3]
I'm not sure that will get you want you are asking for. If you are trying to convert a comma into a period due to your internat...
4 years 4 1113
RR + Basic Atom pro 28 + SSC32 Seq. [5]
Christophe, If you uninstall the one copy and reinstall on the new PC that will work to move the li...
4 years 4 1100
RR + Basic Atom pro 28 + SSC32 Seq. [3]
Christophe, Yes, this is possible but not easy. You'd need to understand what the communication pr...
4 years 4 1100
Object Recognition with more objects [14]
You need to enable the Array creation in the OR module ... otherwise the VBScript doesn't have anything to process.
4 years 14 2317
Object Recognition with more objects [12]
Guido, If you continue to have issues, post what you have (i.e. your robofile) and we can better un...
4 years 14 2317
Hardware for HDMI or HD-SDI input? [3]
Rolf, We don't have anything in particular in mind ... we'd be just as good as you at looking at ...
4 years 2 980
Fiducial Questions [4]
Rud, Could you include an image for both issues? I.e. when the size reads incorrectly and when the ...
4 years 9 1410

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