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Wrapper classes for reading variables from RR_API [2]
where are the c++ files...
8 years 2 1382
module on I2C  buss [2]
Steven is there a module for reading I2C ,like TPA81 heat sensor or do you have any plans soon...
8 years 5 1446
module on I2C  buss [6]
Steven on the mosquitIO board i see I2C connection can be done like in the serializer board,since i have the board...
8 years 5 1446
module on I2C  buss [5]
it looks like the serializer will work,since it can read any I2C sensor and the extra ports i can use for head rotate and tilt a...
8 years 5 1446
module on I2C  buss [4]
looking for any module that has I2C as a input to read data from a sensor,and in roborealm pass the info to my next module.will ...
8 years 5 1446
Sparkfun Arduino control [3]
I THINK ON THE FIRST QUESTION you need this link ...
8 years 3 1566
Arduino 2560 [5]
CHRIS this may work,disconnect the MEGA board and start roborealm,then open the arduino robo file,it should open o...
7 years 5 1648
about using many modules [4]
i think it does but lets i want to have object recognition,then later on want navigation module,then latter on ano...
7 years 4 1671
about using many modules [2]
looking at using a few modules and making robo files how do  i use like follow red object,then irobot ro...
7 years 4 1671
SD84 [5]
i dont have the money to donate one,but i can loan you mine,others on the leaf yahoo club would like a interface for it...
9 years 5 1856
using a axon microcontroller [4]
ok thanks Steven looks like a good interface to roborealm,because can drive many servos,and pressure sensors ,temp...
10 years 4 2303
using a axon microcontroller [2]
i heard from another forum that you might have a interface to the axon microcontroller,do you know  when that will be ...
10 years 4 2303
about using the roboard [4]
thats about what i thought it would be slower frame rate one i dea i have and i see other robot companies are doin...
7 years 5 2364
about using the roboard [6]
idea i like about the roboboard it alot faster  the arduino and has a fast cpu its like a leaf microcont...
7 years 5 2364
about using the roboard [2]
it has 1ghz processor and 256mg of ram and you said roborealm needs 2ghz 64mb ram min Memory - 64Meg...
7 years 5 2364
Generic HID driver and USB-UIRT [4]
Steven,where is usb-uirt module,i cant find it...
9 years 5 2745
i have 2 projects for a board i just got, my problem Steven is this,can i use sonars using digital I/O PINS and AD...
7 years 5 2994
Steven, any chance soon having a module for the arduino board looks kinda simple since SOR AXON board is close to ...
7 years 5 2994
Roomba Discovery Sensors [11]
trying to try setting variables lets say right motor variable right motor then in value [right_motor]
7 years 11 3059
Roomba Discovery Sensors [10]
i did that doesnt work,do i need to set variables like to test a few functions without using a very long cord,unti...
7 years 11 3059

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