about using many modules
fred miller from United States  [72 posts]
13 year
looking at using a few modules and making robo files
how do  i use like follow red object,then irobot roomba interface and maybe kinect module ,navigation module
do i make a separate robo file for each one or one robo file and make API calls
Anonymous 13 year

Perhaps I'm not understanding your question correctly but you'd just add all those modules into the pipeline together. If a module does change the current image into something that the next one cannot use you can always use the Marker module to restore the image to the original source image.

If you have different 'concepts' that you want to create using different robofiles you can then use the API to load in the appropriate one at a time. In our experience we've found that using the If statement module with a "step" or "stage" variable that surrounds a bunch of modules that are related to a single task is easier than working/switching to a bunch of robofiles. See the slideshow example on


as to how to use an If statement to surround different functions. Using the API you would just change the value of the variable to quickly change what part of the robofile is active.

Does that help? Or are you asking about something different?

fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 13 year
i think it does
but lets i want to have object recognition,then later on want navigation module,then latter on another robo file
so i guess in LISP API i call up the robo file for object recognition,then if i want AVM navigation module,i first close object recognition robo file,then call up navigation robo
is this about right,also i guess i can have as many robo files i want ,but need to close one first and then open the next before any API calls
Anonymous 13 year
Yes, that is correct. Although you don't need to worry about 'closing' a robofile as loading in a new one will replace the existing one.


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