Generic HID driver and USB-UIRT
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16 year
Kudos for the generic HID driver.  I am working with the Dream Cheeky USB chess board and my robotic arm.  I will update in more detail once I get more then a recognition from the module.  

I have been playing with a bunch of IR based robots (Robosapien, Roboquad, and now ISO-bot) I switched from my serial based IR controller (home-brew) to a commercial unit. The USB-UIRT comes with a dll that is pretty simple to use. (basically use the open method, followed by either the transmit method or the Learn method) I was able to write some python in about an hour that had my ISO-bot up and running around and I am a terrible programmer.  

It would be great to have a control extension that could message the USB-UIRT.  Here is a link to the dll and documentation:

have fun,
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Strangely enough someone emailed me this morning about making the USB-UIRT work in roborealm.   He mentioned another device that could be controlled from roborealm with a USB-UIRT driver would be the Remote controlled 4 rotor flying saucer.

I promised I would write more about interfacing the Dream Cheeky USB Chessboard with roborealm.

In short, it works great!  Roborealm reads the positions off the board with NO problems at all. (so far so good!)  For all those working on chess playing and checker playing robots, having switches under each square can sure make things a lot easier!

For the full writeup see:

fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 15 year
Steven,where is usb-uirt module,i cant find it
Anonymous 15 year
Control -> Other -> USB_UIRT

I have just finished a tutorial on how to use the USB_UIRT with roborealm and the I-sobot.  You may want to take a look:
Anonymous 15 year

If you ever have problems finding a module just click on the search tab in the upper left corner of the main RR interface and simply type in a word that relates to that module. That should bring that module up much quicker than using the tree nav (in fact we never use the tree nav anymore and just use the search).


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