Loren John Presley from United States  [17 posts]
15 year
To Roborealm staff:

I would like to request a feature. I would like Roborealm to be able to communicate with the SD84 servo controller. I found it on Trossen Robotics and I think it would make a powerful asset to a lot of roboteers out there, especially if Roborealm can interface with it.

Can this be done?
Anonymous 15 year
We had a look at that device. Seems like it can be added to RoboRealm. The issue is one of who will fund the device. I.e. we would need someone to send a free sample of the device for testing and maintenance purposes. As Trossen Robotics is a reseller they are not a good option for providing a free sample. Are you familiar with the manufacture? Do you have a contact there?

Loren John Presley from United States  [17 posts] 15 year
Apparently, the manufacturer is Devantech Ltd.

Here's where they're listed on Applegate:

fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 15 year
i dont have the money to donate one,but i can loan you mine,others on the leaf yahoo club would like a interface for it
Anonymous 15 year

We'll keep an eye on this one for purchase. May take a little time but we should be able to integrate it in eventually.


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