Sparkfun Arduino control
fabrice2006 from France  [11 posts]
13 year
Hello, i appreciate a lot the module Arduino sparkfun, it is very usefull.
I have two questions:

- is it possible to send a value of variable( not a pin value) from the arduino to pc when this module is active ?

- is it possible to add more pin control in the module , for a mega arduino card for example?

Thanks for you help.


fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 13 year
I THINK ON THE FIRST QUESTION you need this link
Steven told me about this to use send and receive variables to serial or usb connections
dont know to much yet on coding,my field is hardware design,but if it works and able to read a variable from a arduino sketch,let me know how you code it
fabrice2006 from France  [11 posts] 13 year
Hello, thanks for the response. Finaly i decide to use Firmata and processing for controling the arduino, but now, i need to interface roborealm to processing language (http://processing.org/). May be with the api function of roborealm? Is anyone do the same ?

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