Arduino module?
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14 year
Downloaded 2.24.0. Where is the Arduino module and what does it do?
Thanks for such a great product and support!
Anonymous 14 year
It should be in the Control->Other->Sparkfun_Arduino in the Content tab or just type in Arduino in the Search tab. If you don't see this try downloading RR again as it is possible that you picked up the old copy accidentally. Make sure your browser did not cache the previous download.

The module is meant to allow RoboRealm to communicate with an Arduino while connected via USB or bluetooth wireless link. It requires you to download the Sketch (Arduino program) into the Arduino in order to facilitate this communication with RoboRealm.

From there you can use it as a servo controller, digital io, input device, etc from within RoboRealm. And if you have special requirements you can also modify the Sketch program to do other processing (the source is downloaded from the documentation page).

Naturally you can roll your own using the Serial module but having a stock module perform this means you can test things out quickly ... as implementing crc's, sync bits, threaded packet readers, etc. takes a bit to do!

Does this help?
fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 13 year
Steven,what arduino board does the arduino module use
it says UNO and MEGA BOARD,so i guess both of thenm using the right sketch
BUT does ARDUINO DEICIMILLA BOARD also work and what sketch does it use
since you made a reference to it
fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 13 year
i see there is 2 boards DIECIMLA BOARD AND THE ONE YOU REFERENCE TO DUEMILANOVE,so Steven what sketch do i use with both boards
Anonymous 13 year
UNO is the newer version of DUEMILANOVE.

There are two Arduino modules. One for the UNO and one for the MEGA. One with somewhat work with the other but the pins are a little different.

For the DIECIMLA I'd try the UNO/DUEMILANOVE sketch?

Also, you can try the MCU_Communicator module which will at least provide communication from the PC to the board ... you can then extend that code to handle the devices you need (bit more programming involved but more flexible than the other modules).

fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 13 year
thanks Steven,only board i have is UNO and MEGA
but MEL from leaf groups asked me about DUEMILANOVA board to help make a code for him

also Steven you said the arduino sketch you made can be modify
whats parts on the sketch do i make changes too and parts do i leave alone for it to work
Anonymous 13 year

You can modify any part of the code you like ... and even disable certain features if you don't need them. If you are concerned about breaking the existing functionality I'd leave all the current code alone unless you understand what it is doing. Arduino code is not that hard and can be understood by tracing the functionality.

In the case of the Arduino module modifications will be difficult without breaking the functionality. With the MCU Communicator examples there are comments in the Sketch that show where and how to make changes (they are small and just a couple lines).

Other than that, try things out! Don't be afraid to make changes, test and if something is broken revert back. Its a good way to learn and as long as you don't have anything expensive connected to the Arduino its a great way to learn.

fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 13 year
thanks alot STEVEN ,will try that ,good idea
arduino is easy to learn

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