about the sparkfun arduino board
fred miller from United States  [72 posts]
12 year
about the sparkfun uno arduino board,i have 2 questions about it ,will the code work for the new version with UNO R3 IT USES THE ATMEGA 16U2 instead of 8U2
and the other is will any ARDUINO UNO board work thats not sparkfun
Anonymous 12 year
Fred, When you are getting ready to compile, there is a little drop down menu that let's you select the type of Arduino  you have. I am talking about the Arduino menu. The one that is open source that you downloaded.  I have used two modules the same just by selecting the right one.

Hope that this helps. The Arduino is the EASIEST cpu I have ever worked with.

fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 12 year
its not about the ARDUINO MENU its roborealm menu if will work with the new ARDUINO
fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 12 year
also i think any ARDUINO UNO BOARD WILL WORK ,only i dont know about the new chip design in the ARDUINO UNO board ,thats the big question
looking to get the new one very soon
Anonymous 12 year

The code does appear to work on the new UNO. What we have found in the past is that with each update to the Arduino line (next one is Leonardo) the code continues to compile but the actual number of pins for a particular output, input, PWM,etc. will change. That's the reason there are two code bases for the regular UNO and Mega ... the code is essentially the same but with different numbers for the pin count.

I suspect that with the newer boards this will be the same, as long as you compile the code for the right board it should work fine ... but you may not be able to access all the new pins until we tweak the code to allow for more of a particular type.

And if you find that the code doesn't compile, just post the errors here and we'll look into it.

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