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RR Crash every few minutes
Both RR 2.61.8 and 2.61.9 crash every few minutes, no matter what I am doing - running, editing, ignoring... Pleas...
4 years 19 1739
My First Attemp
STeven, Finally, I had time over the weekend to fiddle with RR, however it was not quite su...
11 years 18 4446
Bug selecting 2nd of 2 identical cameras
I have a total of 3 cameras on my laptop: Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 #2
9 years 18 1755
Easy Vision Program
Is there an easy vision program to use that won't take up a lot of processor space? I need it to be able to run on a single cor...
9 years 18 2739
Parrot AR Drone
So does anyone know enough about the new AR Drone to talk about whether it will be possible to connect it with RoboRealm? &...
6 years 18 4995
training images
hi, i tried to train a simple image from a folder but roborealm closes when i start training... what is the soluti...
7 years 18 2454
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.3 from your account link.
6 years 18 3362
GPS Module crashing
Hello Everyone, I am using the GPS module for the first time and it seems to crash when I tell it w...
6 years 18 2648
Combine 2 different pipeline
Hi, I have 2 different pipeline for different detection characteristics which is:
3 years 18 1699
Help regarding Rectangle/Square detection algorithm
Hi Steven, Thanks for your suggestion. Please find the sample images, RGB and BW, for your reference. I ha...
10 years 17 19635
Accessing COG Variables Through MSRS
I'm trying to create a simple ball following program in Microsoft Robotics Studio using a Lego NXT in conjunction with...
11 years 17 3171
I have been trying to connect my LEGO NXT. i tried to connect it in NXT-G like you described in your documentary but when i try...
9 years 17 2020
Velleman USB
I have a Velleman USB interface board (K8055). I was wondering if there was an easy way to control it from roborealm. I have alr...
9 years 17 3723
STeven, Have you been following the progress on the Kinect open drivers? It would be pretty sweet t...
8 years 17 6735
Beginners Intro to RoboRealm?
Our team is relatively new in using RoboRealm. We got a sample program to track a hand but we would want to know how to get Robo...
5 years 17 2506
RoboRealm Propeller MCU Examples / Help Needed
Well Iíve gotten this far with my Robo Magellan project: ...
5 years 17 1959
Basler Camera II
Hi STeven, it has been awhile.  This is a continuation from a post from last year (see post Basler Camera).  ...
4 years 17 2474
Hi, I am trying to get Roborealm  to communicate to Mach3  running on the same computer(passin...
4 years 17 1843
Have a problem with SetImage from Delphi. I've managed to "GetImage" from RR (here an example if an...
3 years 17 1401
Using more cameras.
Hi, I trying to use roborealm for visual control and becouse the controled object is very complicated part...
10 years 16 7199

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