Parrot AR Drone
Win Heagy from United States  [31 posts]
13 year
So does anyone know enough about the new AR Drone to talk about whether it will be possible to connect it with RoboRealm?  Apparently an SDK is (or will be) available that makes it seem like this should be possible.

Ken from United States  [8 posts] 13 year
This would be extremely awesome.  I purchased one last month and have now downloaded the sdk.  Th drone is so awesome that it would be amazing, the things that would be possible if it were integrated with roborealm.  I would like to fly it from my small robot base made from a wheelchair.  I would like to use the video fcameras on the drone to scout.  It should be possible using the cameras and sonar detectors to land on the vase unit to recharge.  I would be willing to start a pot for some developers to write the mule to allow interface to roborealm
fred miller from United States  [72 posts] 13 year
yea,be cool if Steven can build a module for it.i also have one that i use my IPOD touch to control it,it has 2 camera's
Ken from United States  [8 posts] 13 year
Yes, Steven,
Have you looked at the AR Drone SDK?  Could you build a module that would interface with roborealm? If so, it would be asesome.

Anonymous 13 year
Agreed! This is very cool. It would be an excellent platform for vision use. We've sent out an initial contact to AR Drone and will let you know of any progress. Keep your fingers crossed!

Andreas Jänsch from Germany  [3 posts] 13 year
Hi all,

I just found out about the Roborealm platform two day ago. But i looks supercool.

I am using from the MikroKopter platform (like AR.drones for adults).
I am really interested in marring these two worlds together. (Currently I am having a project where I need to enhance these copters with vision abilities.

It might be worth a look to the following resources:

If you want to have a deeper look into these "toys" try:

Currently most used Multicopter platform, professionally managed. You can buy a kit and you will fly a week later. A large & helpful  community. Most of the source is available - but it's not OpenSource.

This project looks really promising, but it is not on the market yet. Totally open source, promising concepts& hardware design.

A pretty advanced university project, own hard & software dev & http://qgroundcontrol.org/ their ground control station software)

professional platform, also used in many research projects.

Here is a great overview about different Copter projects:

I would suggest to start with a kit, learn to fly, get your first experiences and then enhance it with your ideas. AR.drones might be easier in the beginning, but it is a toy.

I am really interested in someone to open my eyes in the Machine Vision world.
I could offer you my knowledge in the MultiCopter space...

At the moment, I am have a project where I need to detect a lot ( hundreds+) of barcodes from a drone (GPS controlled) from a distance of 1 to 2 meters.

The more I could automate, the better it is. (flight path planning, navigation, positioning, barcode detection...) - Roborealm look really really promising. Unfortunately I found it two days ago. And got the demo version only today....

If you are interested please reply or send me an email.

Ken from United States  [8 posts] 13 year
Pretty awesome, althought it is probably a bit more expensive..
I couldn't even find the price, is it available?   It uses any video device that can be mounted on the pan/tilt unit... If you want to see another one that is pretty cool, try http://www.draganfly.com/uav-helicopter/draganflyer-x6/
Used by the military and police.  Featured on Modern Marvels

Its only about $15000.00  US  It has 6 props. But still about the size of both the Ar drone and MultiKopter.

I wish I could afford either of those two..  The AR DRone is affordable at $300.00
with sonar and video x 2 all via built in wi/fi access point.

Andreas Jänsch from Germany  [3 posts] 13 year
Hi  Ken,
for prices take a look look here:

in this shop you will also find pan/tilt holder for usual digital cameras. or you use the normal pan/tilt controllers you are already having.

Some of their partner are listed in the lower left side of the shop.
I think you can start with less than €1500 / (US $2000).
(GPS, Compass, Navigation) included, able to carry a net payload of 200g with a flight time of 10-15 minutes.

(pan / tilt of a camera will be automatically been compensated by their FlightControll - A drone needs to nick and roll because of the flight physics.


Anonymous 13 year
Wow,  you are right, this is extremely awesome". Not really that expense e either.
What would it cost for a complete system as shown in the video on the first link above , excluding camera?  In us dollars.  I see the remote and receiver isn't included.  How long does it take to put something like that together?  I know what I am going to buy next.  I better start saviing my money.
Andreas Jänsch from Germany  [3 posts] 13 year
In the video you see a copter comparable to Hexa2

Sets and net payload (realistically):
   MK Basisset S:           €689 - ?
   MK Basisset L4-ME:    €875 - 200grams
   MK Basisset Hexa2:  €1290 - 700grams

Flight time (realistically 10 - 20 minutes with some payload)

Navigation is:
    MKGPS (€80)+Navi-Ctrl V1.1 (€120) + MK3Mag (€65): €265
    Hm… I would recommend to get it from day one. (because you will have the possibility to do a "position hold" and a "coming home")
    These things are really fast (>35mph and they fly away really quick - and in the beginning it is hard to control - maybe get a cheap cheap little RC helicopter for < $50 or ore use a RC simulator - it will help a lot)

I would advice to start with a little set (Basisset S or as a good trade-off a Basisset L4-ME). For sure you will have some unexpected hard landings ;-).

hm…really good question what to advice .
cheapest: Spectrum DX7 2.4GHz-Sender (Mode 2) €260 - you can start right out the box.
But for serious things you will need more. (to control a camera etc.)

A good thing to have is a Jeti system (so you will get telemetry right to the transmitter).

You will also need some little things like a charger. Add another  $100.

But this is a good question to look/ask in their forum /FAQ.

How long does it take to build?
realistically 1 week (but can be done in one day - if you are experienced)

Hope that helped,

Have fun
Ken from United States  [8 posts] 13 year
Have you heard from parrot about the AR Drone interface?
The SDK is available...
Anonymous 13 year

Unfortunately not. Not even a negative reply. I expect that they are swamped with requests from different organizations and simply can't get around to answering our query. We'll send another one and see if we can get their attention.

Ken from United States  [8 posts] 13 year
Any word yet?  I  am anxiously awaiting.....
What is it that you are waiting for?  
The SDK has been released.
Both for Win32 and for .Net ..
Do you want them to do something?>\
It would be an awesome environment with the 2 streaming cameras for vision control, etc..

Anonymous 13 year

We understand your anxiousness but we're waiting on 'time' right now. We've got a couple modules ahead of the Drone that need to be completed before we tackle that one ... I realize this doesn't help you much yet but we do have others to help too. Hopefully we'll get to this asap. It is great that the SDK has been released as that should help the integration go really quick!

We do have a Drone and were testing the hardware out the other day ... alas after 3 flights its now a bit broken! But that's nothing that would slow down testing.

Thanks for your enthusiasm!
ken from United States  [1 posts] 13 year
Have you heard anything from AR Drone Yet?
I have been waiting....
Tomasz Wojnowski from Poland  [2 posts] 12 year
What about the Ardrone? Is there any progress?
MFouad from Saudi Arabia  [3 posts] 12 year
The SDK is released for some time now, any update on the AR drone module?
David from Canada  [6 posts] 12 year
Take a-look at a device from CANADA called the EZ-B
They are using it to fly an AR-Drone


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