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DC_Launcher module new hardware version needed
DC_Launcher module does not reconize the new hardware version of Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher. Here is the usb info...
12 years 16 2808
360-degree video hardware?
Hello, First of all, many thanks for making RoboRealm available.  This is an incr...
12 years 16 7246
OSC communication
Hi, I would like to send RR variables to other softwares like vvvv, eyesweb, or even Flash....
12 years 16 3224
Laser Scanner
Hey all I am currently working on a laser scanner module to map the local enviroment and wa...
12 years 16 3684
for EDTV
What exactly are the steps that you go through to do the "follow me"? I see the video, but don't see the robo file.
9 years 16 1379
Random break time in the pipeline
Hi, I would want to make a random break in the pipeline among a minimum and a maximum of time from me established....
4 years 16 1674
Recommend a wireless camera
I want to get a wireless camera to mount on a robot, but i have not been able to choose one.  I like those mic...
13 years 15 13017
Laser Detection?
I can't seem to figure out any way to detect a laser with Roborealm. I tried circles, and I tried what i could with blo...
13 years 15 4154
I have recently found Roborealm and have spent many hours playing with it, this really is exellent software, apart from...
13 years 15 2256
RoboRealm and LabVIEW
Is there a quick and easy way to send information from RoboRealm to LabVIEW?...
11 years 15 7703
VISCA Control
Any chance a module or extention can be developed to handle the VISCA protocol?  I have a Sony EVI-D100 camera...
8 years 15 15756
camera CMUcam connect PC with usb DB9
Hello (i m french) Would know you how I can put taking(setting), to connect the CMUcam 3 has roborealm, by using a...
9 years 15 5253
Logitech Sphere / Orbit AF
Hi all, I have been following this forum and found it very useful, if way above my head. I cannot find any informa...
12 years 15 2196
Multiple camera problems
I've got 2 identical webcams, that use the Microsoft camera driver on Vista 64. They both work individually in Roborealm (i can...
10 years 15 4476
Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher Not Recognized
I have a Dream Cheeky USB missile launcher w/ webcam and RoboRealm 2.37.8 doesn't seem to recognize the device. The launcher wo...
8 years 15 6545
Eye Tracking
I have a Trossen Robotics 'RoboTurret Vision Tracking' kit with me. The Kit is successfully interfaced with RoboRealm and able...
9 years 15 4326
read the distance among two colors
hi, I write you from Italy, I apologize me of my a little clear English. Would I like to know if it is possible t...
8 years 15 2895
Nubotics wheel commander Board
Hi; Im trying to use the Wheel Commander interface supplied with Roborealm. I have no trouble readi...
7 years 15 1906
Output from RR
Hi to everybody, I am new of the forum and I have just begun to use RR and I am not practical of planning. Your fo...
7 years 15 1522
motor speed or tracking speed.
Dear STeven, Many thanks for your earlier help i have one more thing here, i did suc...
7 years 15 2167

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