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How to set up and relay trigger with time delay
Hi, ok - now that RR has stopped crashing (Thanks Steven!) I'm trying to make my way around.
6 years 24 2605
Leg bone fracture detection using x-ray images
am doing a project on leg bone (Tibia) fracture detection using image processing. I am using digital x-Ray bone fracture images...
8 years 23 10748
Startup Troubles
Hi, I have made a robot using Roborealm, and saved the file that I require as a .robo file. Now when I startup the compu...
11 years 22 2933
AVM Navigator variables
Im not able to find the email adress of the AVM Navigator creator, so i will adress my question here. I would like...
8 years 22 5068
virtual webcam output
i was wondering if you could possibly implement a sort of software webcam, so that the final video is outputted into the...
12 years 21 7352
Distributor client, transmitting variables
I am using the image distributor server module to transmit an image and variables, which gets processed by the client module. Th...
10 years 21 1645
RR is not free!
oh my god! "A 30 day free trial of RoboRealm v2.1.1.3 is available for download!" i established al...
7 years 21 5224
Mex on Matlab
What probably is happening? When i try to mex the mexfunction.cpp appear the follow...
10 years 21 7483
Not a JPEG error when using read_HTTP module
When using the read_HTTP module to pull an image from a URL generated by EZ-Robots's EZ-Builder software I get a "Return Image...
5 years 21 1891
TCP/IP Modbus Connection
Hello, I am trying to connect a Universal Robot to Roborealm through the ethernet connector which uses the TCP/IP ...
5 years 21 4161
interfacing an Arduino with robo realm?
is it possible to interface an Arduino Diecimila with the robo realm software? P.S. I'm k...
9 years 20 13048
open COM ports in VBScript Program
Hi, I tried to read data from COM1 RS232 with the serial module. Attached to the COM port i...
11 years 20 4232
Plugin-Modul Error in 2.28.5
Hi, Something don't works with the Plugin-Modul in Version 2.28.5. I...
9 years 20 2139
FRC Network table issue
Hi Steven, Our team is trying to use network tables, we have been able to send data to the table fo...
5 years 20 6047
Camera Source-Network Camera vs TV Card
Any suggestions for connecting to a network camera? Currently the only option showing is a TV PCI card. My network camer...
11 years 19 11557
Array Help
In the VBScript section I retrieved the array that was created by the circles filter, but i am stuck on how to find out...
12 years 19 2965
General Guidance on Design
I am starting on a project using an iRobot Create, a Fit PC Lite, i2c sensors, and a web cam. The Fit PC will run all the softwa...
9 years 19 2370
Missile Launcher Tracking
Is it possible to have the missile launcher track an object, and when centered on the object fire a shot?
8 years 19 1978
Hi I am using the program for obstacle avoidance and the motor controllers are connected to arduino mega. But when...
8 years 19 1982
Face Matching
Hello , i want to develop a application for face detection and matching. i want to us...
7 years 19 4070

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