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How to set up and relay trigger with time delay
Hi, ok - now that RR has stopped crashing (Thanks Steven!) I'm trying to make my way around.
5 years 24 2339
Leg bone fracture detection using x-ray images
am doing a project on leg bone (Tibia) fracture detection using image processing. I am using digital x-Ray bone fracture images...
7 years 23 10061
Startup Troubles
Hi, I have made a robot using Roborealm, and saved the file that I require as a .robo file. Now when I startup the compu...
10 years 22 2610
AVM Navigator variables
Im not able to find the email adress of the AVM Navigator creator, so i will adress my question here. I would like...
7 years 22 4422
virtual webcam output
i was wondering if you could possibly implement a sort of software webcam, so that the final video is outputted into the...
11 years 21 6896
Distributor client, transmitting variables
I am using the image distributor server module to transmit an image and variables, which gets processed by the client module. Th...
9 years 21 1364
RR is not free!
oh my god! "A 30 day free trial of RoboRealm v2.1.1.3 is available for download!" i established al...
6 years 21 4471
Mex on Matlab
What probably is happening? When i try to mex the mexfunction.cpp appear the follow...
9 years 21 6937
Not a JPEG error when using read_HTTP module
When using the read_HTTP module to pull an image from a URL generated by EZ-Robots's EZ-Builder software I get a "Return Image...
4 years 21 1673
TCP/IP Modbus Connection
Hello, I am trying to connect a Universal Robot to Roborealm through the ethernet connector which uses the TCP/IP ...
4 years 21 3342
interfacing an Arduino with robo realm?
is it possible to interface an Arduino Diecimila with the robo realm software? P.S. I'm k...
8 years 20 12466
open COM ports in VBScript Program
Hi, I tried to read data from COM1 RS232 with the serial module. Attached to the COM port i...
10 years 20 3807
Plugin-Modul Error in 2.28.5
Hi, Something don't works with the Plugin-Modul in Version 2.28.5. I...
8 years 20 1912
FRC Network table issue
Hi Steven, Our team is trying to use network tables, we have been able to send data to the table fo...
4 years 20 5515
Camera Source-Network Camera vs TV Card
Any suggestions for connecting to a network camera? Currently the only option showing is a TV PCI card. My network camer...
10 years 19 11100
Array Help
In the VBScript section I retrieved the array that was created by the circles filter, but i am stuck on how to find out...
11 years 19 2629
General Guidance on Design
I am starting on a project using an iRobot Create, a Fit PC Lite, i2c sensors, and a web cam. The Fit PC will run all the softwa...
8 years 19 1939
Missile Launcher Tracking
Is it possible to have the missile launcher track an object, and when centered on the object fire a shot?
7 years 19 1635
Hi I am using the program for obstacle avoidance and the motor controllers are connected to arduino mega. But when...
7 years 19 1732
Face Matching
Hello , i want to develop a application for face detection and matching. i want to us...
6 years 19 3641

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