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XBOX Camera
Hello i'm new to  roborealm and tries to use my microsoft xbox camera but i cant get any image. it is all black. The...
6 years 13 1824
Rovio Module dropping wifi signal
Hi STeven, The Rovio Module in RR seems to be dropping the wifi connection every time I use...
8 years 13 6212
FTP upload Frequency issue
I'm setting the Frequency section of FTP Images. The Send Every and Between seem to have issues. Wh...
9 years 13 2746
Multiple Instances
hey , I would like to create a separate instance for each of the simulated webcams i have.
9 years 13 1563
line following
how i want to count T-junction in visual line following.anybody can help me?...
9 years 13 1516
Region of Interest (ROI) ideas
Hi STeven and other RoboRealm experts, I'm trying to find the best method for sampling a region of...
9 years 13 3921
TRENDnet TV-IP422W PTZ Camera
Finally got a live video preview via the TRENDnet -110 module, but I have no control over the pan, tilt, and night-vision IR cap...
9 years 13 4353
Hi everybody, I'm trying to connect Wifibot (http://www.net-rob.com/page3.php) to Roborealm .The general idea is follow curtain...
8 years 13 2625
Gasket identification
Is there any way to identify missing gasket from multiple objects in the same image ? Enclosed there's an example...
6 years 13 1766
Robo Realm Problem
I work with my local robotics team and I did everything right for installing the drivers and my kinect sensor worked the first t...
6 years 13 2096
speed data
Hi STeven, The NMEA protocal also provides speed data. I dont see this in the GPS reader module. Is...
6 years 13 1517
Showing a specific blob
Hi STeven If i used the blob filter to narrow down the blobs to say 4 blobs and used VBScript to ch...
6 years 13 1212
Wireless camera
Hi everyone, I'm spending a lot of time searching on the web and it is impossible to find the information I want.
6 years 13 1879
Object tracking
Just purchased RoboRealm with AVM. I would like to uase RR and AVM to recognize movement and then track the moving object until...
6 years 13 3988
Newbie circles
First time trying software out and am trying to follow the color tracking tutorial. What I would like to do is a little simpler...
6 years 13 2655
Old snapshot showing up
I am processing images from two cameras, and generally finding the response super slow - kind of like the script is preoccupied ...
4 years 13 1000
Recognizing angle of blob depends on x line of camera
Hello. I'm trying for a few days to run Roborealm to work with recognizing position and angle blob (lighter). Ligh...
3 years 13 1644
Running Roborealm
This is very basic, but i am stuck. I downloaded the current version a couple of days ago a...
11 years 12 2454
How to track a person
I would like to be able to have a robot track me and follow me around. If I were a Blue t-shirt and set it up to follow...
10 years 12 4601
maze solving
hey it seems they are doing it using image procesing to try and reach the red blob.....     &nb...
8 years 12 2184

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