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Roborealm now crashes as soon as I try to load up the Rovio Control. This could be caused by some s...
8 years 14 2277
Update on 2.30
Everything the same. Worked once and then Never again. The earlier versions worked once every 20-30 times. Yet, it worked every...
8 years 14 1780
MSR-H01 Object Avoidance
I thought it best to move my stuff out of Valentina's thread I have been working on vision based o...
7 years 14 1539
Automatically image learning
Hi guys,   I want to build a robot capable of recognizing objects in its surrounding. I s...
7 years 14 2480
Stereo Depth Mapping
I've been doing more and more research trying to find the best alternative to Stereo depth mapping. I've come across a couple...
6 years 14 1996
Suggestions for eye tracking algorithms
Hi guys. I am working on a project to control a robot with my eyes. It is done with LEGO NXT. So far I have tried playing around...
6 years 14 2127
Object Recognition with more objects
Hi, Kindly I would want to know, in simple way, if a way exists to work with more objects contemporarily, since in...
5 years 14 2464
Tracking an object using AVM
Hi, I programmed RR to loop a video file (avi) and AVM to track an object. I set the variable NV_WR...
5 years 14 1874
Automated archery scoring
Hi everyone I am hoping the members of this forum can help me with a project i am developing for my...
4 years 14 1296
importing variables into roborealm
i have generated an executable file of a python code.then i called that .exe file from roborealm using EXECUTE_PROGRAM. i need t...
3 years 14 1077
RR showing in Taskmanager, but no window visible
I ran RR once and it ran fine. Then I selected a camera source and it showed video from the capture card. But after a fe...
11 years 13 3498
Pincushion/Barrel/Perspective Distortion Correction
Roborealm's Transforms are very useful, but there are a couple that are apparently not possible - corrections for Barre...
10 years 13 6586
how to calculate distance between objects
well my problem is , there r 3 balls of diff colors which are to be put into there respective holes.......so is der any...
11 years 13 2587
Problems with Logitech Orbit
Having issues with the Logitech Orbit.  When it moves to the extreme, or you use the home button-- It stops re...
10 years 13 1428
Hi, I have a problem. I want to command the NXT to turn on the red LED on Light sensor. I have let the NXT react on blue...
10 years 13 3701
Hi STeven, Thanks for your help with the path planning module. We have managed to get one r...
10 years 13 1951
rotate and mosaic
Abandoning my idea for Stereo 3D Orbits  (they are too imprecise to keep aligned for S3D) I think I am going to switch...
10 years 13 1548
Virtual Keyboard
Hi! I have played with this software for 30 min and was wondering if someone could help me? What I need to do: To...
10 years 13 2439
Keyboard Issues - Using RR
First Off, thanks for everyone in the RR Forum, and a great thanks for STeven, and the folks there at RR!
10 years 13 1115
color value
New to RR (very impressive), so I'm not sure about where or how to post. I have a series of trans...
9 years 13 3264

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