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Roborealm and Vex
Hi, I am trying to connect vex cortex 2.0 to roborealm so I can you values created for motors to move the motors using vex corte...
9 years 1 961
Shape Recognition
Hello, My name is Joey, I am a Student (18 Years old). I live in France and I am doing a project wi...
9 years 1 986
Lynx 6 with Eclipse
Hello, we are a group of students, working on Lynx 6 robot for the first time on our Faculty. It wo...
9 years 1 985
IIT Kharagpur Robotics Fest
Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2013, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 1 4 Febr...
9 years 1 974
Skewed Image using Canvas
I am using the web server with RR 2.47.16. Attached is the slightly modified index.html file and the robo file I am using. The H...
9 years 1 1154
Distributor Client Not Connecting When in Robo File
I am connecting to RR on my robot using a copy of RR on my desktop. The desktop robo file is attached.
9 years 1 1001
Re-defining co-oridinate axes
Hi Everyone, I would like to re-define the co-ordinate axes on the roborealm image as shown in the...
9 years 1 1036
RoboRealm on an eBox 3350MX mini-computer
I've finally got around to writing up my progress in building a robot using an eBox 3350MX and RoboRealm. I've attached a pict...
9 years 1 1446
IP camera, How i can change resolution
Hi. I use  ip camera D-Link DCS-2103  resolution is 1280 x 800. In RoboRealm con...
9 years 1 1008
Ximea issue
Steven, Firstly, compliments to the RR team for your impressive efforts.
8 years 1 1053
Feature Request - Save vision algorithm as word/pdf reports
Hi Steven, I have been using RoboRealm for a while now and have also recommend it to several people...
8 years 1 1127
Motion Detection Automatic Foscam
I recently bought a Foscam FI8918W. I would like to know if its possible to have the camera detection motion and make it move by...
8 years 1 987
Optical Flow
Hello, how can I calculate the data from Optical Flow (Vector X, X or Array Data) Odometry data?
8 years 1 1177
RoboRealm USB2Dynamixel module not communicating
Greetings --- The Dynamixel module doesn't communicate with the servos, a screenshot...
8 years 1 2022
dc Thunder Missile Launcher not able to work with roborealm
hi i was not able to get the dc Thunder Missile Launcher  to work with roborealm(via index=> dc_missile i've tried...
8 years 1 989
Python Debug Print
In the current Help page for the Python API, rr.Print is listed but does not seem to exist in Roborealm 2.49.10.  Just...
8 years 1 1019
How to use the VPL GUI and RoboRealm?
I'm using Roborealm with MRDS. The tutorial page worked great and everything installed, but I can't find guidance/documentatio...
8 years 1 987
Processing rr_api
So I am using Processing to write the program that will control my robot, the problem I am having is that in the API zip file th...
8 years 1 988
GPS reader
Is it possible to overlay the track from the gps reader onto the main roborealm screen ,as I have a downward looking camera on a...
8 years 1 1053
RoboRealm for TurtleBot
This is a tip for those who want to use RoboRealm to control TurtleBot. The power supply for Kinect is secured by a code kinect_...
8 years 1 1158

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