Using RoboRealm in the JAUS Universal Remote Control Interface
jamesbdunn from United States  [3 posts]
9 years
Has anyone created a JAUS Universal Remote Control driver for RoboRealm?

I'm wanting to control mulitiple devices connected by my cell phone (built-in camera and PC software capable).

Background for why I think this is available:

The format of universal messages for robotics has already been created by the military.  As a matter of fact, if you follow the JAUS message architecture you can use RoboRealm to control military robots, road vehicles, drone airplanes, under water robots/vehicles....  


This is a standard like SAE; incidentally, it is an SAE standard.

JAUS also includes security encryption in a Java format so that each device is protected from hacking.

Now reverse this.  Make a device with RoboRealm that is JAUS compliant, and you can now market your device to Defense Contractors like General Dynamics, Honeywell, Air Force Research Laboratories... this is what I have in mind.

JAUS is a natural remote interface because it does not matter what the electrical interface is (Cell Phone, USB, RS-232, RS-485, parallel port, infrared, Wi-Fi, bluetooth(Wii)...), the message architecture is the same.

I believe a national database is available to upload device drivers for various devices already developed.

Rather than starting from scratch, you can jump onboard with a host of experts providing you with support by using the JAUS remote robotic control message architecture.


You can also download for FREE the Jaus Robotics Toolkit


Wiimote has already been modeled in JAUS, so if you make the your device JAUS compliant, then you need only the Wiimote layer in JAUS to control your device with a Wii.


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